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Christmas celebration at HorizonCore!!

HorizonCore believes that diversity is the great thing in the workplace. Over the last 10 years in the field of … Continue reading "Christmas celebration at HorizonCore!!" [....]

Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Let us depict a scenario where the complete source code of the application was built and then deployed on the … Continue reading "Continuous Integration with Jenkins" [....]

Switch to online business this Christmas!

In today’s times, constantly new innovations are being done in the modernization and globalization period. From small to medium to … Continue reading "Switch to online business this Christmas!" [....]

OAuth 2.0 in Salesforce

OAuth 2.0 (Open Authorization) Salesforce CRM applications are built on the power of Salesforce Platform, so business could be run … Continue reading "OAuth 2.0 in Salesforce" [....]

Twilio – Eminence in SMS and VOIP

Twilio API is completely dominating the market when it comes to texting and voice calls. This fast growing firm’s platform … Continue reading "Twilio – Eminence in SMS and VOIP" [....]

Laravel – Exotic PHP Framework

Laravel is one of the famous open source web frameworks of PHP which is created solely for the web and … Continue reading "Laravel – Exotic PHP Framework" [....]