8 Compelling Tips to build Better and Faster Node.js Apps in 2019

Node.js has created a huge buzz in the market because of its event-driven and asynchronous nature. Node.js is ideal for developing real-time applications like chat and streamline applications. Since both the client-side and the server-side are written in JavaScript, the synchronization process is quicker and better. The developers are now showing enough interest in this programming language and are also preferring it over other JavaScript languages. If you want to build a Node.js application, you can hire Node.js developer who will manage and handle your project successfully. If you are planning to build a Node.js application, you should take every step to make it better and faster than others.

In this article, we are going to mention some tips to build better and faster Node.js apps so that you can stay competitive in 2019.

  1. Try to become familiar with import and import (): ES modules are commonly used with transpilers or the @std/ESM library. These are inherently supported since Node.js 8.5 behind the –experimental-modules flag. But there is a still long way before they become ready for production. It would be a wise decision if you learn the foundations now and follow its progress in 2019. Node.js offers ES modules tutorial so that you can learn it quickly without any hassle.
  2. Get acquainted with HTTP/2: HTTP/2 comes with Node.js (since Node.js 8.8 version) without a flag. HTTP/2 possesses server push and multiplexing. These help native module to load in browsers efficiently. Popular frameworks like Koa and Hapi support it partially. On the other hand, frameworks like Express and Meteor are still working on support. In Node.js, HTTP/2 is still in an experimental stage, it is expected that 2019 will bring many wide adoptions with a chunk of new libraries.
  3. Secure your Node.js applications properly: Security is a trending topic which you can’t ignore if you are planning to impress your customers with some eye-catching and functional Node.js apps. Every year many security breaches and newly found vulnerabilities are reported and you should pay attention to this. It’s your prime responsibility to secure your Node.js applications and for this, you should go through Node.js security checklist. If you feel that your applications are already safe and secured, you can use Snyk and Node security platform to find devious and hidden vulnerabilities.
  4. Welcome microservices wholeheartedly: Are you planning for large-scale projects or facing any deployment issue? If yes, then this is the right time to embrace the microservices architecture. You should have an adequate knowledge regarding the two techs to stay updated in 2019’s environment.
  • Docker: Docker is software technology which provides containers. These containers wrap up a piece of software in a complete filesystem which contains all the necessary things (code, runtime, system tools and system libraries) that are needed to run.
  • Kubernetes: This open-source system is ideal for automating deployment, scaling, and management for applications.

But before plunging into container and orchestration, you should warm up yourself by improving your current codebase.

  1. Always monitor your services: Always try to fix the issues before they are noticed by your users. Monitoring and alerting play an important role in production deployment. But it is an arduous job to tame complex microservice system. Over the past few years, due to the rapid development of technology, now, you are blessed with many efficient tools. You should learn about the recent Open Tracing Standard to stay competitive in this era.
  2. Overcome code style controversies: Prettier is an opinionated code formatter which was quite popular in 2017. Instead of simple code style warnings, Prettier used to format your code. But there are still some code quality errors like no-unused-vars and no-implicit-globals which can’t be reformatted automatically. So, it is always recommendable that you should use Prettier along with old-fashioned linter in your projects if you want to run them smoothly.
  3. Use async – await: async – await has completed refurbished Node.js 8. This has changed how programmers used to handle async events and simplified previously complicated codebases. If you are still not using async – await, then this is the time to use it for your upcoming projects.
  4. Contribute to the open-source project: Are you planning to start your favourite Node.js project, but don’t know how to start? You can go through some quick tips or watch the courses about open-source contribution on GitHub. Learning (especially if you are a programmer) is the best way which will help you to make better and faster Node.js applications for your project.

These are some essential tips that you should follow to make your Node.js apps better in 2019.

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