Top 7 reasons Laravel is the Today and Tomorrow of Web Development

These days, websites and web applications are pivotal tools for the success of a business. PHP web development has made a significant contribution to this field over the past few years. Many PHP frameworks are helping developers to build eye-catching, compelling, and better websites and web applications which are taking their growth and businesses to the next level. Laravel is one such PHP open-source frameworks which follows Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. After its path breaking success, Laravel has gained immense popularity among developers and it was regarded as one of the most widely popular PHP frameworks in 2015.

If a business wants to make success in online, then it should opt for Laravel development. By using the Laravel framework, you can build large, intricated, and feature-rich websites and web applications which will not only streamline your work process but also uplift productivity and gives you better user engagement. Due to its high readability and modular packaging system, Laravel has owned the heart of many developers. Moreover, the language framework of Laravel is also stress-free and that’s why it has earned huge respect from the developers.

Do you want to explore all the features and benefits of Laravel development? Then, you should
hire Laravel developers into your core team. There are a plethora of reasons why Laravel is considered one of the best PHP frameworks. In this article, we are going to describe some amazing reasons why Laravel is here to stay today and tomorrow in the field of web development.

1. Emerging platform: As new technologies are invading in the market, Laravel advancement and growth are expanding hurriedly. It would be an arduous job for you to get a Laravel expert because the framework is evolving and expanding rapidly. Laravel framework is very responsive because of its dynamic capacities. This is one of the key reasons that Laravel is included in the current trends of Google.

2. Security: Whenever you are planning to build a website or a web application for your business, security will be always your prime concern. In today’s world, it is also true that no application is 100 % secure to online perils. Because the security depends on a lot of things like how your developer creates the code and its structure. But still, Laravel offers the utmost level of security as compared to other PHP frameworks. Laravel uses a salted and hashed password which will never get saved in your database in the form of plain or simple text. Laravel framework also uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm to generate an encrypted password which ensures the safety and security of your websites and applications. Laravel embraces its users with the following security features.

  • Encryption
  • CSRF protection (Now, you can easily protect your application from Cross-site forgery attacks).
  • API Authentication (Passport)
  • Gates (Laravel offers gate protection to enhance the security level.)

3. Supports MVC architecture: This is the main reason why Laravel will stay in trend in the field of web development. Like any other PHP framework, Laravel follows MVC architecture (Model View Controller). This architecture comes with a chunk of built-in applications which make the web development process simpler for the developers. MVC architecture improves execution, better documentation, performance and other functionalities.
4. A Template engine: Since Laravel templates are light weighted, hence by using them, developers can build many impressive designs easily. The templates of Laravel are used for simple webpage design. Laravel comes with a Blade Template Engine and this is certainly a great feature of Laravel. This template engine is very instinctive and works easily with average PHP/HTML.
5. Makes lengthy programming easier: Laravel comes with laracasts which is not just free tutorials. Laracasts offers many paid and effective tutorials which are helping developers by explaining complex issues through coding. All the contents of this platform are created by experts and specialists with clear and simple directions.
6. Artisan console: Laravel welcomes its developers with a built-in tool named ‘Artisan console’. With the help of this tool, now you can easily bypass all the dreary and time-consuming programming tasks. But earlier, you need to perform all these tasks manually which is quite frustrating for the developers.
7. Readymade applications: since Laravel is growing rapidly, hence the interest for comparable features is also expanding. To cope up with this ongoing demand, many instant applications are accessible in the market. You can utilize these applications to add a scope of features to your Laravel site. Since you are accessing readymade applications, your development cost will also get diminished.

These are some reasons why Laravel is so demanding and it will even stay on-demand in the upcoming years. If you want to take advantage of this framework, you should hire Laravel developers from a development company for your project.

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