Why Should You Choose AngularJS for Making Superior Front-End Development?

The tech world is evolving rapidly and is welcoming a chunk of new app development frameworks which are making development simpler and easier. AngularJS is certainly one of those frameworks which makes effective development through logical and flexible methods. AngularJS is a full-featured JavaScript framework which enhances simplicity and efficiency of a development process. Since AngularJS supports MVC architecture, hence, developers find this framework is the most suitable in creating dynamic and single-page apps. As the business environments are becoming competitive these days, so you should hire AngularJS developers India to rule in this market.

AngularJS was introduced in the market in 2009 and till now, it has experienced steady growth and there is no chance of slowing down even in the future. Developers are also satisfied and contended with this framework and that’s why they have chosen this framework for front-end development.

But what makes this framework so popular and superior to other frameworks? Let’s dig into deeper.

  1. Timesaving: This is the prime reason behind the enormous popularity of AngularJS. Projects which used to take several months to get completed by using other frameworks are now getting completed faster with this framework. AngularJS framework splits or divides the app into several MVC components. From this step, the framework takes over. This means now you don’t require additional coding for app development.
  2. Easy to learn and use: Learning AngularJS is one of the simplest things and that’s why this framework is ideal for the novice developers. Anyone with the basic knowledge of HTML can learn and use AngularJS easily. By adding some attributes into the HTML, you can easily complete your first app within a few minutes. AngularJS is a feature-rich framework which makes development simpler by reducing the need to write code. Moreover, you don’t need to write getters and setters to implement data models.
  3. Data binding is easy: With most of the framework, data binding is very difficult. But AngularJS has removed this stress by using two-way data binding. AngularJS encourages two-way data binding. This means any changes in the user interface will immediately inspire application objects and vice-versa. Now, because of data binding, developers don’t need to invest a lot of time on coding. Data binding lessens the work of the developers so that they can solely concentrate on the app.
  4. Declarative code style: In AngularJS, Declarative expression is used for creating patterns. This makes the code more lightweight and easier to read and understand by anyone. Instead of describing all the steps needed to achieve something, here, only the necessary result is described. Now, designers can easily learn the mark-ups.
  5. Affordability: Since AngularJS is an open-source framework, by using it, developers can make custom apps with a minimal price.
  6. Ready to use templates: AngularJS is nothing but a simple HTML programming language. AngularJS comes with many ready to use templates. Now, by using these ready to use templates, anyone with a little computing knowledge can build-up outstanding apps.
  7. Dependency injection: AngularJS has dependency injection, and this is an imperative feature of this framework. Dependency injection means instead of hard coding, components of the web give their dependencies. This feature makes components testable and scalable.
  8. Enhanced security: AngularJS 4 was released in 2017 and it made JavaScript the best programming language of the year. Because of AngularJS improved security and features, the developers and users feel blessed to have apps which are developed by using the AngularJS framework.
  9. Testing features: AngularJS has a wide community and this community of developers has always focused on testability. This means now you can easily test your AngularJS apps to ensure whether they are performing aptly or not.

Why should you use AngularJS for front-end development in your business? 

Earlier, many developers used jQuery for app development. But jQuery was unable to meet up all the emerging complexities of the businesses and that’s why they need a new framework that can manage and handle all the intricacies successfully. Here, comes AngularJS in 2009 which was launched by Google. As a business owner, you always need rapid development and faster progress. That’s why you should use AngularJS when building front-end app development. Here, we are going to mention why your business demands AngularJS for front-end development.

  1. Google supported: AngularJS was launched and supported by Google. When a tech giant like Google supports a framework, you should understand that in future it will come up with more improved features to enhance the performance. Moreover, AngularJS has a very large community. You can easily get support and assistance from this community whenever is needed.
  2. Licensed framework: As a business owner, you should use those apps which are legal and licensed. There are many frameworks whose licenses are not authentic. But on the other hand, AngularJS uses the MIT license and that’s why it is highly appreciated by the developers and entrepreneurs.
  3. Ideal for single-page apps: As technology is emerging hurriedly, customers prefer those apps which have sophisticated UX. By using the AngularJS framework, you can make eye-catching and sophisticated single-page apps with great UX.

Front-end apps are the important tools which will help you to reach your target market and surpass your competitors. To make effective and compelling front-end apps, you should hire AngularJS developers India from a reputed app development company.

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