This is the Time to Unravel the Reasons Why Should You Use ReactJS

ReactJS is a highly applauded open-source JavaScript library which was introduced by Facebook. This framework is typically used for building user interfaces by dividing UI into several components. Earlier, AngularJS, EmberJS Ajax, etc. were dominating in the field of web and mobile app development, but Facebook developed ReactJS to give front-end developers a better and easier programming language. Due to its simplicity, scalability, and fast feature, ReactJS has now surpassed all other JavaScript libraries and has gained immense popularity as a front-end development tool.

If you want to impress your customers with some eye-catching and compelling mobile and web apps, you should hire ReactJS developers who will help you in achieving your goals by making some effective applications for your business.

In this article, we are going to discuss why you should not only use ReactJS but also prefer it over other JavaScript libraries.

  1. Simple and easy to learn: ReactJS is simpler as compared to other JavaScript libraries. Anyone with the basic knowledge of CSS and JavaScript can grasp and learn this language easily. Because of the component-based approach, well-defined lifecycle, and use of plain JavaScript make ReactJS very easy to learn, particularly for the novice developers. React comes with JSX (a special syntax) and by using it, you can mix HTML with JavaScript. Though a front-end developer can still write in plain JavaScript, fortunately, JSX is much simpler and easier to use. Anyone who has adequate knowledge of JavaScript, can learn the React tutorial within a few days and then, can start using it.
  2. Reusable components: ReactJS is a component-based structure which means this JavaScript library allows you to start with small components and then, you can gradually progress to large components. Suppose, you can start with tiny components like button, checkbox, dropdown etc. and then, by composing these smaller components, you can create large wrapper components. By using ReactJS, you can progress from one level of the component to a higher level until and unless you achieve your one root component and that root component is your mobile app. The major advantage of this JavaScript library is that you can re-use all the components on any platform as per your requirement. This means, now your app and website have the same look across all the platforms. Reusability simplifies the app development process and also uplifts the speed of the process.
  3. Comes with a great toolset: While choosing a development framework, you should consider the tools which are available with that framework. At the same time, you also need to check their compatibility with different browsers. This is one of the reasons behind the enormous popularity of ReactJS among front-end developers. There are two sets of tools which you should aware of and they are React Developers Tools and Redux Developers tools. Both tools can be installed as Chrome extensions. By using React Developers Tools, you can inspect react components in their hierarchy and also, check their current props and states. On the other hand, Redux Developers tools are ideal for observing dispatched icons and these tools also give you an idea about the current state and changes in stores.
  4. Fast rendering with virtual DOM: While you are building an application, you should consider the performance of the programming framework especially if you are planning to build a mobile application. Because a mobile application demands constant updates and higher interactions from the users. Though you can use other JavaScript libraries to create large and intricate applications, still, their DOM manipulations are quite slow and that’s why you should give importance to ReactJS. React introduces a virtual DOM that keeps everything in memory. An algorithm monitors all the changes that are made on the virtual DOM and decides which changes must make it to the real DOM as well as the user’s screen. The core benefits of using virtual DOM is the optimized performance because of minimal updates. That’s why it provides outstanding results on the browser.
  5. Testability: When you choose ReactJS, you can easily test all the functions of the applications. Because of easy testing, ReactJS is more popular than Angular and other JavaScript libraries. React views can be treated as functions of a particular state and hence, you can manipulate all of them which you pass through React View.
  6. React Native: learning ReactJS is quite beneficial because of React Native. By using React Native, now, you can write native apps for Android and iOS platforms. Though you can’t use the same code that you have written for the web, still, you can use the same architecture and methodology to accomplish your task.

These are the top reasons that you should consider and use ReactJS for your web development process. By choosing ReactJS, you can effortlessly build high-performance and eye-catching apps and websites.

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