Why Should you Consider Migrating from AngularJS to VueJs?

AngularJS simplifies the development process and that’s why this framework is highly applauded by the developers. To make eye-catching and effective mobile and web apps using AngularJS, companies are preferring to hire AngularJS developers who will help them in this development process. But over the past few years, this JavaScript framework is falling behind other modern frameworks in terms of SEO, flexibility, compatibility, and performances. Moreover, this framework just entered recently its long-term support period which means Google developers team will no longer incorporate any new feature or fixes any minor breaking change. Therefore, migrating or switching to another modern framework is the best option for those who are using this framework.

Problems with AngularJS

  1. Rendering Performance: Sometimes, you need to require a chunk of time to render a large table of data. If you want to render your data with AngularJS, then it will impact badly on the performance.
  2. Documentation is very bad: The more you work with this framework, the more you understood that its documentations are very difficult to comprehend.
  3. Two-way data flow: This makes every logic very difficult to handle, both in term of writing components and writing view controllers. This is the most important reason why migration is needed.
  4. Security issues: If a security issue occurs in AngularJS after the Long-Term Support phase ends, your customers will experience the effects of data theft until the application is not re-platformed.
  5. Difficulty in hiring AngularJS developers: You will find difficulty in hiring AngularJS developers because expertise in this framework becomes rarer. Now, developers become more familiar with the newer frameworks like Vue, React, and Angular instead of AngularJS.
  6. Brain drain with current staff or developers: All AngularJS developers of your company will want to stay updated with the current trend of the market. They may try to use newer frameworks which are dominating the market. They may want to leave your company so that they can join a new organization with newer technology. Only migration can decrease the risk of a brain drain as your employees have already started to look for new opportunities.
  7. Fewer features: New frameworks possess better features which are hardly supported by AngularJS. These new features provide faster and better support which are missing with this framework. The modern frameworks help developers to deliver new features more quickly and efficiently.

All the above reasons encourage migration to other new frameworks. Three most popular front-end JavaScript frameworks are React, Vue, and Angular. All three frameworks have their upsides and downsides, so it would be difficult for you to choose the right framework to migrate from AngularJS. Many experts believe that Vue is the most suitable for AngularJS development teams. There are a plethora of reasons behind this, but the most prominent reasons are:

  1. Templating syntax: Vue’s templating syntax has many resemblances with that of AngularJS. This makes AngularJS developers feel very comfortable in this new framework.
  2. Reactive model: This is another important feature of Vue. Vue’s reactive model is pretty similar to that of AngularJS. This allows AngularJS developers to adopt the mental model of Vue faster than other frameworks and libraries.
  3. No additional JavaScript syntax or additional libraries: Vue framework doesn’t rely on much additional JavaScript syntax or additional libraries. Since there are no additional syntax or libraries, hence, developers can build up quickly by using this framework.

Vue embraces the developers with a clear and incremental migration strategy for all AngularJS projects. Vue and AngularJS are very much compatible with each other and go side-by-side while features are ported over one at a time. You can easily convert or translate AngularJS controllers and templates into Vue components in a systematic way.

Whether you are using the newest or the older version of AngularJS, the path of migration is quite a straightforward and mechanical process.

The support for AngularJS will come to end within three years, hence you should migrate to a newer framework to avoid issues because of lack of direct support. If you choose Vue, it will certainly improve the speed and performance of your application. Moreover, you can engage new and fresh talent into your development team who are knowledgeable and will give you the best solutions for your web projects.

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