Why Full-Stack Development is too Good for You?

As technology is evolving with each passing day, the markets are crammed with many software development and engineering jobs. Though there is an ongoing demand for big data experts, data analysts, data scientists, still, the demand for a full-stack developer is always high as compared to other disciplines. That’s why many companies including the start-ups are hiring full-stack developers from a reputed full-stack development company to accomplish their development process in a hassle-free way.

Who is a full-stack developer?

Full-stack developers are those who are comfortable in handling both front-end and back-end technologies. Apart from building web applications, a full stack developer should have knowledge regarding how to deploy, optimize and automate the application. The skills of a full-stack developer may vary as per the requirement. But a developer can be called as a full-stack developer if the person,

  1. Can comfortably work with CSS and JS. The person should have competent knowledge of Media queries, Single page applications, DOM, and ES6. He should know streamlining tools like Gulp, Grunt and Browserify.
  2. Knows at least one web framework in and out. Example, NodeJS or Django.
  3. Can easily work with SQL and NoSQL (MySQL, Mongo DB). The person should have in-depth knowledge of model relations and can implement all the advanced queries and SQL Joins.
  4. Should know how to deploy his or her code on AWS EC2 with Apache2 or Nginx (as a web server). The person should have some experiences and working knowledge of Docker and Virtualization.
  5. Can effortlessly design a web application end to end with many loosely coupled components. The person should be courageous enough to suggest the architectural changes if he feels to do or has some valid reasons for the changes.
  6. Choose the trivial good solution and always try to improve it.
  7. Can comfortably automate release cycles by using the knowledge of Chef or Ansible. He should possess adequate knowledge of Automate logging and failure retrieval.
  8. Is quite adaptable which means he can quickly switch from one domain to another or technology to another. The person should able to finish all the tasks in time.
  9. Should possess basic to medium level knowledge on hybrid mobile app development. He should also have good knowledge of JS, Chrome extensions and progressive web apps.

Why should you go for a full-stack development?

If you are a developer who is passionate about new things and ardently wants to learn and explore new technologies, then this profession is the utmost choice for you. Because a full-stack development is all about implementing, knowing and improving things in a better way. Why should you choose this career option even there is a multitude of career options in the market?

  1. You will learn new technologies and things: These days, technology is changing briskly. If you want to stick with the same old technology, then you can’t make a scintillating career in this competitive era. But with full-stack development, you will always learn new things and technologies. This will certainly enhance your value in the market, and you can easily make decisions related to any aspect.
  2. Good salary: If you want to fetch a handsome amount, then this is the best option for you. The average salary of a full-stack developer in the USA is $110,500. Some companies even pay much higher to the developers who have specific expertise. Even in India, many companies are offering lucrative packages to full-stack developers.

Drawbacks of full-stack development

There are certain drawbacks of full-stack development that you should consider before plunging into this field.

  1. Sometimes, people can call you Jack of all trades but master of none. Though it is true to some extent, still, it is your responsibility how do you utilize your knowledge and skills that you have learnt.
  2. Maybe your current working environment doesn’t support or adopt this full-stack style.
  3. Novice developers may don’t get that much of freedom what they want to do at the very beginning of their career. They need to work hard to prove them as full-fledged full-stack developers. Most of the time, the company decides their work profiles at the start of their career.

Hope, this article gave you enough information about full-stack development and why you should be a full-stack developer in this technology-driven world. The tech world is changing rapidly, you should attend the meetups and conferences to know more about these changes and stay updated with the current trends.

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