Top 7 Promising ReactJS Features which make it Popular and the Best for Development

The technology world is crammed with many frameworks like Angular, Node, Meteor, and so on. But with these frameworks, the developers need to rewrite most of the codes which is a tedious and arduous job for them. That’s why developers wanted a framework which will help them to break down complex components and also helps them to reuse that code. Here, comes ReactJS (an open-source JavaScript framework) which was introduced by Facebook to build engaging and feature-rich web apps efficiently with minimal coding. ReactJS encourages its developers to break down the complex UI into simpler components.

Today, ReactJS has gained immense popularity because of its extra simplicity and flexibility. People are considering this framework as the future of web development. These days, more than 94,000 sites are developed by using ReactJS. Prodigious companies like Instagram, Airbnb, Uber, etc. are using this framework for their web development. If you want to plunge into this trend and want to impress your customers with some of the eye-catching web apps, you should hire ReactJS developers from a reputed development company who will make your project successful.

In this article, we are going to mention the top 7 amazing features of ReactJS which are the reasons behind the huge popularity of ReactJS.

  1. Virtual DOM: ReactJS uses virtual DOM to make apps quickly and efficiently. When ReactJS was introduced in the market, the developers predicted that updating old HTML would become expensive and an arduous task for them. Therefore, the idea of Virtual DOM was introduced which will make the developer’s job easier. In ReactJS, for every DOM object, there is a virtual DOM object. A virtual DOM object is the virtual representation of original DOM. This virtual DOM creates a virtual copy of the original DOM. Since this is a one-way data-binding, hence you can easily and quickly manipulate Virtual DOM as compared to original DOM. This is because no data gets drawn onscreen.
  2. Declarative: For every website and mobile applications, ReactJS creates an interactive and dynamic user interface. ReactJS is enough capable of updating and rendering only the right components when there is a change is your data. Declarative views make your code more acceptable and readable. Moreover, you can also easily debug or correct your code if there is any requirement.
  3. JSX: JSX is one of the pivotal features of ReactJS. JSX is a mark-up syntax which has many resemblances with HTML. JSX is the combination of JavaScript and XML. By using JSX, now, you can easily write React components and the building blocks of React UI. These strings of HTML are identical to the HTML that you need to inject into the web page. The developers always look for an easy option and that’s why ReactJS has become a prime choice for many of them.

  1. Component: ReactJS is a component-based framework. These components encourage the developers to break down complex UI to smaller components. Because of these unique components, ReactJS is so popular among the developers. Now, with ReactJS, you don’t need to worry about the entire web app. ReactJS allows in breaking the complex UI/UX development into simpler components. This makes every component more intuitive and effective. All the component logic is written in JavaScript which means you can easily pass your data through the app.
  2. React Native: React Native is a custom render for ReactJS and it uses native components. If you want to start with React Native, you should have proper knowledge of ReactJS like its components, state, props, and JSX. React Native helps you to transform the React code on iOS and android platforms.
  3. Performance: Because of virtual DOM, ReactJS enhances the speed of your web applications. With ReactJS, you don’t need to use heavy-weighted frameworks like Jquery and other bootstrapping libraries. Though ReactJS is sufficient to create compelling front-end designs, now, it is combined with super-fast rendering capabilities that will uplift the performance of your app.
  4. SEO-friendly: Most of the JavaScript frameworks are not good for SEO. But with ReactJS, you don’t need to worry about it. Through faster rendering speed, ReactJS minimizes page load time. Moreover, the performance of ReactJS depends on the current user traffic and features.

These are some amazing features of ReactJS which make it popular among the developers. ReactJS uses new technology which has not been used earlier in the field of web application development. ReactJS is ideal if you want to make engaging and high-performance applications for your business.

Now, you have enough knowledge regarding ReactJS and its features. So, why don’t you hire ReactJS developers and surprise your audiences with an amazing feature-rich app?

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