Reasons Behind the Ever-Increasing Popularity of AngularJS

In this new era of web development, websites and web apps have become more interactive, efficient, responsive, and impeccable. Nowadays, the markets are thronged with many new frameworks which are making the development process easier for the developers. AngularJS (one of those frameworks) simplifies the front-end development and that’s why highly appreciated by the developers. AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework which was introduced by Google. This is an ideal framework for dynamic web apps because it makes the codes effortless and easier. This framework maintains the code in a single page application in a cleaned way. Though the markets are crammed with many plugins and frameworks, still, the company owners are choosing AngularJS development services for their development processes. You can also hire AngularJS developers if you want to build dynamic websites and web apps. But why this framework is so popular?

In this article, we will acquaint you with the reasons behind the immense popularity of the AngularJS framework. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind its popularity.

  1. Can be used easily: AngularJS framework comes with many rich features which make AngularJS web application development easier for the professionals. Now, developers can create websites by writing minimum codes. Moreover, they don’t need to write setters and getters for different data models. Since an integral part of the code doesn’t have any directories, hence the teams can manage the task parallelly. With this framework, the developers usually write the codes with a reducing format, this saves a chunk of time and effort.
  2. The MVC architecture: Lots of techniques are required to develop mobile apps. You can find many frameworks in the market which will help you to create a mobile app. MVC (Model View Controller) is important for creating a software product. When you are looking for AngularJS app development, you can make the most out of this facility. Because MVC has the potential to string the application code together. This saves a lot of time for app development and also, reduces the app’s time to market.
  3. Works on the client-side: AngularJS works on the client-side and this is the most important feature of this framework. Thus, this framework is compatible with both (desktops and mobile browsers). With this framework, now, you can develop the front end of an application without hampering the source code of the backend.
  4. Two-way data binding: AngularJS encourages two-way data binding and indubitably, this is a commendable feature. Because of this, if you made any changes in the application will influence the user-interface and vice versa. Now, user actions and module changes happen simultaneously in this framework.

  1. Filters are helpful: AngularJS framework comes with filters and these filters are quite helpful when you transform the stored data in AngularJS responsive design. The AngularJS directory embraces its developers with multiple filters for numbers, lowercase, uppercase, currency, date and more. Moreover, with this framework, you can create your filter by registering the account to a new filter factory.
  2. Easy testing: When you are working with the AngularJS framework, testing becomes quite easier for you. This is because now you can manipulate various parts of the application which are placed into AngularJS. The Module Separation feature allows the developers to load the services which are needed and also, implement automated testing with an easy way.
  3. Offers modularity: Modularity is an imperative reason behind the huge popularity of AngularJS. By using it, now, the developers can create multiple modules for a single application. All these modules are dependent on one another and if you want to run an application, you can easily combine them. AngularJS framework can recognize the need to create an additional module.
  4. Huge community support: AngularJS was introduced by Google and a group of Google community developers support and maintain this framework. These developers are deft and extremely knowledgeable. They always try to improve this open-source framework so that it can address all the complex business issues. They organize conferences and invite other companies and also ask them how they can improve this new framework by using the latest technology.

From all the above-mentioned points, now, you have understood why AngularJS is one of the most sought-after frameworks for web application development. AngularJS is ideal for your business especially if you want to make single-page applications.

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