Magento to BigCommerce Migration: Key Insights and Challenges

Indubitably, Magento is one of the preferred e-commerce platforms among online merchants because of its astounding features, high flexibility, and great community support. You can also hire dedicated magento developers to build an online Magento store. Still, many online entrepreneurs facing a chunk of difficulties with this platform particularly, when they are planning to scale up their businesses. Moreover, with Magento, you need to take care of a lot of things like hosting, website design, security, and additional features. For this, you need to invest humongous time, energy, and effort. That’s why many entrepreneurs are considering migration with BigCommerce to overcome these issues. But this migration is an intricate job as you need to move both data and functionality from your old website to the new website. If done correctly, then it will give a plethora of benefits to your business.

But why migrating to BigCommerce is creating a huge buzz in the market? What are the benefits that businesses are expecting from this migration and what is the best approach that a business can take to migrate to BigCommerce? Let’s unravel all the answers.

Why BigCommerce is preferred over Magento?

  • Since BigCommerce is cloud-based, hence it provides high scalability. This means now you don’t need to purchase extra server capacity.
  • With BigCommerce, you can scale up everything with ¼ cost of Magento.
  • BigCommerce always meets all the customer experience because of its seamless integrations and advanced fulfilment.
  • With this platform, you don’t need to spend money on repairing, hosting, server maintenance, software upgrades, and equipment. This platform saves a lot of money for you.
  • With BigCommerce, now, you can simply integrate all third-party apps with minimal coding.
  • The security feature of BigCommerce is quite impressive. This platform comes with a DDOS defence system on the platform, fraud protection tools, and automated PCI compliance.
  • BigCommerce offers easy customization options to web designers. Because of open APIs, web designers can easily customize everything as per the needs of the clients.
  • You can easily build your dream online store with BigCommerce because you don’t need to start everything from scratch like in Magento.
  • BigCommerce also improves your conversion rates.

Why businesses need Magento to BigCommerce migration?

Below, we are mentioning some reasons why businesses need BigCommerce migration from Magento.

  1. Lack of marketing tools is required for your business.
  2. Clients didn’t get the proper IT tech support to maintain the server regularly.
  3. Inadequate local payment extension
  4. Less speed
  5. Huge maintenance cost is needed

These are some reasons behind the migration to BigCommerce.

Some of the benefits that businesses are getting from Magento to BigCommerce migration

  1. BigCommerce provides better search engine optimization (SEO) of the store as compared to Magento.
  2. You can easily integrate it with all local payment options.
  3. Admin panel is quite easier for use.
  4. BigCommerce provides a better user experience because of its fully responsive UI design.
  5. There are many built-in marketing campaign tools which will boost up your sales and profit.

How can you Migrate your Online Magento store to BigCommerce?

There is an array of options which will help you to migrate your store to the BigCommerce platform. These days, the markets are crammed with many third-party service providers who are expertise in migration. They will help you in moving your catalogue data which comprises products, categories, options, and customers’ details to your new BigCommerce store. Because these companies are equipped with the latest tools and technologies (BigCommerce, Custom API Integrations, Front-end development with responsive design).

A company usually follows the below-mentioned steps to migrate to BigCommerce.

  • Current theme: By using Stencil framework, a company usually creates an equivalent BigCommerce theme.
  • Presently installed extensions: Very Often, Magento websites are loaded with many installed third-party extensions and unfortunately, a few of them are not available for the BigCommerce platform. So, a company develops the custom apps and then, integrates it with the new BigCommerce website.
  • Custom code functionality: In many sections of a Magento website, code was added. It’s not a facile job to move them in BigCommerce. The experienced and dedicated developers of the company understood the overridden codes and then, they replicate to the BigCommerce.
  • Orders/Products: a company creates a custom script for extracting the products from Magento into the BigCommerce. In this way, they usually migrate the products or orders.

Many online companies have adopted migration to BigCommerce from Magento to overcome their scale-up issues. But this is a challenge to handle and execute it properly. For this, you need to hire dedicated magento developers from a reputed third-party service providing company.

In this context, you should contact HorizonCore because the company has many experienced and professional developers who can easily handle this migration. After analyzing your requirements and business needs, the company will create a detailed plan which included a migration schedule to be more predictable and efficient.

To know more details, please visit the website of HorizonCore.

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