HorizonCore Sponsors LaravelLive India Event to Explore New Talents and Technologies

HorizonCore actively participated and sponsored LaravelLive India(one of the biggest PHP Laravel conferences in India) which was held on 3rd March, 2019 In Mumbai.
Why we participated?
Being a web development company for 10+ years, we feel Laravel is one of the most applauded and widely used PHP frameworks. We believe everyone should know how they can use Laravel for the betterment of their businesses. By actively participating in this conference, we have contributed to the Laravel Community strengthening and development. In this post, we are going to explain a little bit of description of the event and how we get benefited from it.


Laravel is a framework which possesses a chunk of features like Unit testing, MVC architecture, ORM, template engine. However, if you want to utilize this framework for the betterment of your business, you should aware of ever-changing trends of Laravel. LaravelLive India is exactly the place where you will come to know about the latest happenings in Laravel development.

LaravelLive India (Mumbai Conference) agenda

This is one of the biggest conferences where nearly 150 people have attended the event. Many speakers( came from outside India) have exchanged their views and opinion, shared their knowledge and even encouraged the new trends. The prime objectives of this event are
1.    Create an environment of knowledge sharing
2.    Grow together with the Laravel community worldwide
3.    Get aware of recent activities and happenings in Laravel development
4.    Know like minded people
5.    Contribute towards a sustainable and healthy community and build your brand
6.    Appreciate and encourage new talents and developments

LaravelLive India Event Venue, Date, and Schedule

This mega conference occurred at Peninsula Grand Hotel, Sakinaka Junction, LokmanyaTilak Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, on 3rd March 2019.

Event schedule

  1. (10.30 a.m-11 a.m) by Md Shahbaz Alam, a full stack developer. This session focused on how to secure Laravel APIs with JWT using modern community
  2. (11.20 a.m-12 p.m) by Christoph Rumpel, Author of Laravel Core Adventures This session described “ The Laravel Core- Demystify the beast
  3. (12.20 p.m- 1 p.m) by Nishanth Kaladharan, Tech Lead-ColoredCow
    This session focused on Laravel at scale
  4. (2p.m-2.40 p.m) by Freek Van der Herten, Partner & developer at Spatie
    The prime agenda of this session was to focus on event sourcing
  5. (3.00 p.m- 3.40 p.m) by Mr Ajit Bohra, Founder of Lubus
    This session highlighted on “ Laravel: the launcher for your next big data
  6. (3.55 p.m-4.35 p.m) by Nuno Maduro, Creator of Laravel Zero
    This session gave an idea regarding how to write effective PHP
  7. (4.50p.m- 5.30 p.m) by Tapasweni Pathak, Manager at Reliance Jio
    The primary focus of this session was on distributed systems

Benefits that HorizonCore received from LaravelLive India

•    Received Conference Tickets
•    We received a Certificate and a Trophy
•    Our Company’s Logo has been shared on entry banner and at the venue (Registration Area)
•    Our Company’s Name and Logo has been displayed on the website of LaravelLive India(www.laravellive.in)
•    Received a “Thank You” tweet with a link from the official @laravellive Twitter account

Receive a Memorandum from Freek Van Der Herten (Partner & Developer at Spatie)

Moreover, we got an opportunity to meet or interact with the top level Laravel contributors, managers, and developers. Our resource and knowledge have flourished with the all important information that we have received from this event. We came to know some advanced knowledge related to Laravel which will help us to establish ourselves firmly in this age of competition.

Christoph Rumpel (Author of Laravel Core Adventures)

Pinakin Soni (CTO at HorizonCore Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.)

Freek Van Der Herten (Partner & Developer at Spatie)

Nuno Maduro (Creator of Laravel Zero)


This entire event was the game-changing experience for us. We feel really proud and happy by sponsoring and participating in the event. There was no dead or futile session. The information that we got from this event was simply impeccable. The speakers are extremely knowledgeable and they have shared a chunk of useful information which will help us in improving our portfolio in the field of advanced Laravel development.
Now, we became an active member of the Laravel India Community. In future, if the organizers have any plan to organize some events in Europe and the USA, we will happily participate in that too.

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