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Front-end development plays a pivotal role in any web development process. These days, companies are adopting various front-end technologies to make the web development process more improved and significant. When we are talking about front-end development, JavaScript has gained immense popularity among the developers especially if you want to build dynamic web pages. Among all JavaScript frameworks, ReactJS is one of the trendiest and most loved technology because it makes the development process easier and provides intended quality interfaces.

ReactJS was first launched by Facebook and is adopted by prodigious companies like Instagram, Yahoo, Dropbox and Netflix. By using this framework, you can build eye-catching and compelling websites and web applications. For this, you need to hire ReactJS developers from a top-notch development company who will help you in your development process. Moreover, ReactJS always embraces its developers with a chunk of possibilities to make them develop more creative and inventive. ReactJS plays an important role if you want to build kickass UIs and interactive web apps. In this article, we are going to describe some of the blissful features of ReactJS so that you can adopt this framework for your front-end development.

Some amazing features of ReactJS

  1. Easy to work framework: ReactJS is a very simple and easy framework. By using this framework, now, you can make more dynamic and interactive web pages. If you want to build quality applications, then ReactJS would be your utmost choice. By encouraging speedier development, this framework saves a chunk of valuable time for both the clients and the developers.
  2. Declarative: Declarative is another important feature of ReactJS. This JavaScript framework simplifies data changes which in turn result in an automatic modification in the specific parts of UIs. Due to this advanced feature, now, you don’t need to perform any additional functions to update your UI. Declarative views make your code readable. If there is any requirement, you can easily fix or debug your code.
  3. Reusability of component: Since ReactJS is a component-based framework, reusability feature provides the developers with many advantages. By using this framework, now, the developers can reuse the components for some other application using the same functionality. This lessens the development time and effort and also, ensures that all components perform impeccably.

  1. Virtual DOM: ReactJS improves the performance and efficiency of an app because it has its own virtual DOM. When ReactJS was invented, the developers claimed that updating old HTML would become a strenuous and expensive task for them. Therefore, they came up with the idea of virtual DOM which will make their job simpler. In ReactJS, there is a virtual DOM object for every real DOM object. This virtual DOM creates a virtual copy of the original DOM. ReactJS doesn’t update anything on its original DOM. If you change any data, first it will update on virtual DOM. Then, it will update it on original DOM. Because of one-way data binding, you can easily manipulate Virtual DOM.
  2. One-way data flow: components in ReactJS are not allowed to change and the data within the components also have the same property. To change your data in another direction, you need to use other features. All the components operate smoothly and remain synchronized. This is because ReactJS always listen to the data which is flowing from the upstream. Due to this feature, ReactJS is more effective in building the user interface.
  3. SEO-friendly: Websites or apps which are developed by using JavaScript frameworks are not very much SEO-friendly. But Facebook has launched this framework after doing a plethora of studies and researches. ReactJS encourages the developers to develop UIs which can be easily browsed on other search engines. ReactJS minimizes page load time because of faster rendering speed.
  4. React Native: React Native is a custom render for ReactJS and it uses native components. You should have in-depth knowledge of ReactJS like its components, state, props, and JSX if you want to start with React Native. React Native allows you to transform the React code on platforms like iOS and Android.

Some add-on features of ReactJS

  1. Can be used and accustomed easily
  2. Supported by Facebook
  3. Comes with amazing developer’s tools
  4. Outstanding cross-platform support
  5. Designs are UI focused
  6. JSX

From all the above-mentioned features, it can be concluded that every business should adopt this framework for their website’s user interfaces (irrespective of nature of the company).

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