Front end technologies and its benefits

– Welcome to the Tech World. Here everything is divided into two forks one which is processing in the background {back-end technology} and another that the user is interacting with as the visitors of a website or as the mobile app user {front-end technology}. Behind the scenes activities, where data gets collected to deliver responses at the front end, are called Back end technology.

– But what is front-end technology.? Getting on it, wait a second.!

– Creating the visual part is called front-end development. Developers that create user interfaces and experiences called front-end developers, work as a collaboration team with back-end developers.

– As a basic page structure HTML {Hypertext Markup Language} is a standard language to use, CSS {Cascading Style Sheets} used to style the layout of web pages, and JS {JavaScript} to create the dynamic and interactive application and browser experience.

–  Now when you are clear with overviews it is time to get detailed explanations of these front-end languages.

– HTML {Hypertext Markup Language}

– What is HTML.?

– HTML also stands for Hypertext Markup Language

– Hypertext: a term that allows us to drive across the web page by clicking hyperlinks – specific text or images redirects to other pages

– Markup: a guide for typesetting that will be printed in hard or soft copy format

– Language: which is easy to understandable by technical devices and consists of codes, syntax, and elements

– HTML determines the structure of web pages, as mentioned just structure, not styling which can give a page an attractive and interactive layout. So CSS will be used to give this structure the skin of styling and JavaScript for interaction purposes.

– CSS {Cascading Style Sheets}

– Cascading: refers to the guide of styling rules facts that have a higher hierarchy of styling and overwriting rules of lower pre-eminence.

– Style Sheets: it stands for the appearance of documents.

– When a browser displays a document, it must combine the document’s content with its style information. It processes the document in a number of stages, which we’ve listed below. Bear in mind that this is a very simplified version of what happens when a browser loads a webpage and that different browsers will handle the process in different ways. But this is roughly what happens.

– CSS processes the given HTML documents with styling and makes the web browser designate to look, engaging to interact, and most important responsive layout. Bear it CSS serves a lot of work by a very simplified matter of codes. Now, structure and its styling are completed, but without any interactions between user input and output details these both won’t create any value, time to jump on JS.

– JS {JavaScript}

–  A dynamic programming language is used to add active features to web browsers, web applications, game development, and many more platforms that allow the user experience to drive smoothly and interactively. Overall adding JS in the front end benefits users in many ways from interaction, and efficiency to security.

–  Let’s walk through a quick overview of front development and its benefits

– Starting from HTML we gave our web page a structure, then enhanced user experience CSS with styling, and then added soul with JS that can make a browser or any other platform worth visiting and finding it interactive yet easy to access.

– Conclusion: 

–  The front-end technology is very important, no matter how ideal the back-end process is going, if it wouldn’t be delivered in the front end to users it won’t create any value. The front end is a kind of Swiss army knife, which can provide your back end hard work with a specific platform to get delivered and make a higher level of interface medium.

–  To get to know more or create an ideal platform for your users, we suggest you get connected with experienced and professional front-end developers who can drive excellence-oriented results for you and your business.

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