7 Reasons to Choose React Native for App Development

In this competitive era, every company is adopting mobile applications to satisfy their customers because most of the users want quick information for their daily tasks and activities. When we are talking about mobile applications, the markets are crammed with many frameworks and React Native is one of them. React Native is an open-source cross-platform framework which can be used extensively to build up Android and iOS applications. Since this is a cross-platform framework, hence it allows the developers to minimize expenses. With this framework, the developers even can save some time by keeping one single code base.

React Native was launched by Facebook and many tech giants like Skype, UberEats, delivery.com, Instagram, Pinterest, Vogue, Bloomberg, etc. are using this framework for iOS and Android platforms. Many experts are believing that this framework is the ultimate solution for mobile application, and it has huge potential in creating high-performance futuristic native mobile apps. You can also hire ReactJS developers to build high-quality and functional mobile apps.

Following are some top reasons why you should choose to React Native for app development.

  1. Faster development with minimal cost: Every company wants to get the maximum profit at a lower effort. With React Native framework, you can use the same code for deployment both on iOS and Android platforms. If a developer has written an app for an iOS device, he can compile it onto Android platforms and vice versa. This means now a company can save both time and money by shortening the deployment cycle. By using React Native framework, you can cut deployment efforts by almost 50% without compromising quality and productivity.
  1. Re-usability of the code:This is the most amazing feature of React Native. Once you learn this framework, you can write it everywhere. This framework allows the developers to share one single database for both Android and iOS platforms for the creation of apps. With this framework, now app developers can reuse the code from their web apps which they have written using the React.

  1. Focus on UI and UX: React Native focuses only on mobile UI. If you compare this framework with other frameworks like Angular JS, you will find that this looks more like a JavaScript library rather than a framework. React Native utilizes many third-party libraries because it doesn’t have any inherent UI components library. Native base, React Native Material Design, React Native Elements etc. are some available UI libraries which app developers can use.
  2. Offers cross-platform mobile application: By using React Native framework, you can use the same code for developing both Android and IOS apps. With the help of this framework, now, you can get the same performance outcome without making any additional changes. Within a short time, you can design a mobile application for your business. Now, there is no need for different languages like JAVA, Swift, C++ and so on. You only need a JavaScript developer who has sound knowledge of native UI library, APIs, and hybrid mobile app development.
  3. Improves speed: Hybrid apps are much faster and quicker as compared to native mobile web applications. You don’t need to reload the entire app data with the hybrid app. Because hot reload comes directly into the picture. The technology and the framework which are used in React Native application development are the pivotal reasons behind its improved speed.
  4. Compatible with 3rd party integration and consumes less memory: Now, you don’t need any specific WebView functions for 3rd party plugins. You can easily link the plugin with a native module via the framework. These processes help the app to run smoothly and also encourage for faster loading. The React Native for iOS and Android devices use very less of the memory space.
  5. It won’t get disappear soon: React Native is growing hurriedly and in future, it will grow steadily. With a short span, this framework has established its position in the field of the app development market. The framework is developed more by each passing day and is offering a lot of things which will help the developers to solve their current issues or challenges. The Facebook team has long-term plans for its growth and improvement. Now you don’t need to learn different languages or no need to create intricate codes anymore. Using React Native, you can create anything effortlessly within a short time.

React Native is certainly a leading framework for mobile app development. This framework comprises many intriguing features like speed, performance, native feel, hot reload, 3rd part library support, etc. Moreover, Facebook is making every possible way to make this framework best for mobile app development.

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