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HTML5 is the giant step in the advancement of the Internet. It merges the attributes of HTML and XHTML into a commanding platform that will assist you design features that would be difficult with HTML4. HTML5 offers enhanced multimedia capabilities including video, audio and other media including plug-ins with a predefined syntax. Whatever your needs are whether it is a simple website or a media rich complex website HTML5 is the prospect of web development. HTML5 is already widespread and supported by all major browsers and mobile applications.

HTML5 is the latest and in-demand web development platform that enhances the experience of creating the web pages to an extreme level. Moreover, it also enhances the viewing experience by offering amazing features such as improved context menu, advanced client-server communication channels, embedded video and audio tags, direct-mode graphics canvas, great semantics, offline web applications, scoped styling, sandboxes, iframes and much more. HTML5 is now on all major browsers, like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari etc.

Several IT giants are the worlds are backing HTML5, as it's one of the latest and highly admired web development platform. It is predicted about HTML5 that it will revolutionize the web world with its enchanting web browsing experience. Understanding the mounting required for HTML5, HorizonCore offers HTML5 development services to clients all over the globe. HorizonCore, an offshore web development that is pioneers to providing HTML5 development services as it comprises a team of qualified and experienced HTML developer.

To make sure that you get the finest from this technical revolution, we offer an experienced team of web developers & designers for providing HTML5 development services at the best. Each and every team member possesses ample experience and ability in developing incredibly useful and practical solutions for both web and mobile over HTML5. Our team of experienced HTML developers will create pages according to your requirement so that you can take your business to next level. 

What We Posses at HorizonCore?

  • Through experience in HTML5 semantics, graphics, multimedia, CSS3 styling and effects
  • Team of full time experienced programmer; that can work depending on your current needs
  • Cost-effective outsourcing rates
  • Pioneering technologies to help our customers deliver software faster, with improved performance at a lower cost

HTML5 is an advanced version of HTML which is one of the oldest web programming languages. With HTML5, more or less everything is possible – right from simple web site to creating rich internet applications like Flash and Java FX. HTML5 is highly used for a mobile browser as it provides several impressive features like video support, local data storage for offline access, ability to respond to touch and much more to develop rich mobile apps. HTML is supported by the foremost mobile devices such as Google Android, Windows Mobile Devices, iPad, iPhone etc. HorizonCore has been building iPad and iPhone applications and now with the introduction of HTML5, we can build iPad and iPhone compatible websites. Our mobile application development team gets a good hold of all mobile aspects such as PPI, mobile hardware, screen size, touch interface and much more. The team of our dedicated developer has a profound knowledge of HTML5 and so they expertise in creating regular or mobile optimized website using HTML5.

Our team of HTML Developers Expertise in,

  • HTML5 Web Development
  • HTML5 Web Design
  • HTML5 Application Development
  • HTML5 iPad Application Development
  • HTML5 iPhone Application Development
  • HTML5 Android Application Development

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