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  • The brand was seeking to give a seamless experience to its customers across both the online as well as offline stores, with added features of product management and price combination for its web store.
  • As a part of ongoing support tenure, one of the key obstructions was about overcoming run-time performance.
  • This suggested a reasonable workaround the most fundamental pieces of customer experience which were page loading speed and checkout experience.
  • Close-by, other essential perspectives included helpful overhauls and site structure improvement assignments.

Research & Planning

Well, after analyzing the requirements, we discussed the possibilities and the strategies that can be implemented. And after a detailed and thorough discussion on all these strategies, we finalized the one. We chose PHP platform for this website and give a brief idea about our strategy to the client.

The Solution

case study

Improvement in Website Conversions

We helped the team diagnose the cause for the low conversion rates within two weeks. We found that the existing websites were unable to handle thousands of concurrent users and we suggested a database schema that helped them solve this problem.

case study

Automated Packaging and Labelling

We also helped ECP automate its packaging and labelling processes using our Continuous Integration Pipeline. This process had been carried out manually until 2010, before we came in as their technology partners.

case study

Single Codebase for Multiple Websites and Better Data Management

We developed a new platform that worked similar to a Content Management System (CMS), from which all of their websites were launched. This not only helped them manage the sites better but also saved them from maintenance costs.

case study

Same Day Delivery Options For Customers

We helped the client deliver a premium customer experience by introducing features like 'same day delivery' and 'click and collect'. These features enabled ECP to gain customer loyalty by responding faster in case of urgent requests.

case study

Optimized Search Speed

We implemented a Sphinx Search server on the website that increased the search speed and enhanced predictability features. Users were now able to alter their searches to granular levels and find relevant products much faster.

case study

Real-time Inventory Management

Using third-party tools, we improved the inventory management system across their websites.


Cascading efforts of the channelization that were put in by HorizonCore was that the brand has 100 to 120/Month request volume, reflected at 10% ascent inside the principal fortnight of its Magento 2x stage e-shop dispatch, which is foreseen to become considerably over the timeframe.

In core essence, the general movement and redesign of RoseField was an all around flawless change for Watch e-operations. There were facts which were not part of general Watch e-shops, but they were catered by the team at HorizonCore with ease. We might want to term this as an effective movement finished with the most extreme flawlessness and arrangement of contemplations with our customers' business vision.

case study

36% Leads Generated

case study

45% FTE costs reduced

case study

22% Increment in Clients


case study

Our collaboration with HCIPL was aimed at increasing the pace at which we build out our online Magento platform, to reduce the time to market of new projects and to better control our IT spend. We were thrilled when we found out that HCIPL was capable of doing independent research on Magento solutions based on Industry best practices and that the development team had the required skills to develop great solutions whilst being exposed to tight deadlines, All this was beyond our expectations, both in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goals.

What we appreciate most about working HCIPL team is their ability to cut through the most complext parts of a project, whilst keeping everyone happy, and deliver the expected results.

Christiaan Bekker, Director, Rosefield Watches

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