VB.NET / C# Development

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VB.Net Development

Visual Basic.Net (VB.Net) is an object-oriented computer programming language that can be viewed as an assessment of Microsoft's Visual Basic (VB) and implemented on the Microsoft .Net Framework. VB.Net is proved to be one of the most applicable programming tools for creating .Net application including Windows Mobile Application, Web Services, Web Applications, and Desktop Applications. This is a dynamic programming framework, which generate different kind of features like structured exception handling, free threading, and method overloading.

With VB.Net, it's extremely easy to write extensible code and modular code, and even re-using of codes is much easier because VB.Net has good object oriented structure. VB .Net shares a Common Language Runtime (CLR) with a number of other languages, including C#, Visual J#, Jscript and Managed Extensions for Visual C++. Our team experienced and professional VB.Net developer expertise in delivering .Net application development solution to fulfill your technology requirements. Team of dedicated and enthusiastic .Net developer possesses excellent ability in delivering user friendly, customizable and fully reliable application.

We have well-experienced VB.Net programmers, who develops applications for all kind of enterprises and also individuals, depending on their budget and requirement. As per your requirement, you can choose your own dedicated programmer. The expert of our company is always in touch with you by the E-mail, Messenger, Meeting or Phone Calls as per your demand to short out any kind of requirement or any questions from your side to deliver you a best web application.

C# Development

C# is among the most power object oriented programming language which used for developing client based application. As compared to other programming languages, C# is capable of generating various system and methods. According to Microsoft, C# is a java like language and it involvers a language with simplicity of C# and power of C++. It is considered to be the finest .Net programming language. This programming language was generally introduced by Microsoft and the users who are more adjustable with the usage of the C# programming language are seen to handle the ASP .Net programming language without any difficulty due to the same functionality between the two.

HorizonCore provides an extensive range of high-skilled C# Development services and structural design to accomplish the client's requirements. Our team of C# development posses in-depth knowledge of C# and hence are capable of maximizing your business values and accelerating innovation. Our sharpness in C# Development lies with our wide-ranging knowledge of ever-changing technologies and also the programming language C# that we have used in several applications developed for our clients. Our team of experienced and professional C# developers has delivered numerous desktop-based and web-based web applications in the .Net framework.

We offer an extensive range of C# programming services with great flexibility and expertise. The professionals/experts of our company provide unbelievable expertise in C# Development and deliver back to you dynamic Desktop, Web, and Windows mobile-based solutions.

HorizonCore provide VB.Net / C# Development Services Includes:

  • Development of e-commerce application
  • Dynamic Business ASP.Net websites
  • Content Management System (.Net Nuke) based websites
  • Client/Server Applications
  • Window Mobile Application Development
  • Microsoft Office and Add-In Applications
  • Development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications

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