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All packages include continuous repricing across multiple marketplaces.

From just over $1 per day, an additional sale or Buy Box could easily pay for having your listings competitively priced 24/7.

Dashboard with detailed repricing Statistic

Dashboard of THE AMAZON REPRICER+ is full of necessary and vital information's about your products.

From Dashboard you can directly view total number of SKU(S) repriced and the number of times price change has occurred.

Moreover information's about items/products are also available, like number of active and inactive items and total of items added by you.

A graph chart is also available which lets you understand the statistics of prices repriced in accordance to the dates.

Client prospecting and lead generation
Client prospecting and lead generation

Seller Listing to compare your data with other sellers

This feature of THE AMAZON REPRICER+ brings you a list of all the sellers who provide same products with the price that they are selling with on Amazon with just a click.

This will let you see and compare prices of your product with top competitors.

By utilizing this feature you can understand how your product can overcome most top sellers of Amazon.

Detailed Product Listing

Product listing page of THE AMAZON REPRICER+ provides you with a list of all details of products.

These details are SKU number, Name, Minimum & Maximum Price, Suggested price by the system and its status.

Auto ranking functionality is added to all products by default.

Also from here you can add and update any product and can also import multiple products through CSV.

Client prospecting and lead generation
Client prospecting and lead generation

Amazon Rank and Price Comparison report

Reports are essential for analysing and planning further strategies to gain increased profit and sales.

With THE AMAZON REPRICER+ you can generate custom reports of your products rank on Amazon.

This will let you get a clear prospect of how much the clients are interested in your product and what further changes should be made to make better sales.

Also Price Comparison reports offer brighter statistics to the competitive market by getting you a detailed report on prices from different sellers of the same product.

This will help you to understand the trend of your product in market and lets you with more profit at the end.

SKU wise Repricing Detailed Report

This is special report that gives you every detail of change that came to the product.

This report lets you know the exact date and time when the product was added, its ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) number, Cost Price, Original Price and Revised Price are also displayed in the report.

A Graph represents the statistics by which the repricing of product has worked.

This graph shows data according to dates and products repriced.

Client prospecting and lead generation
Client prospecting and lead generation

Hourly/Daily/Weekly Repricing Report

A reporting of Repricing can be used for detailed analysis.

THE AMAZON REPRICER+ provides repricing reports of every product repriced by hourly/daily/weekly timescale.

These reports can be custom made as per your requirement by selecting appropriate options of your choice.

These reports include details like SKU, ASIN, Cost Price, Minimum and Maximum Price, Shipping Price and Revised Price.

This software makes sure you have every detail needed to analyse movement of price of any product and the profit that can be gained.

It works across your devices

No matter where you are, always stay globally connected from your computer, pad or smart phone devices. Your system data is highly secured.

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