Plone CMS Customization

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Plone is an open source Content Management System (CMS). It is freely downloadable software under the General Public License (GPL) and is built on top of the Zope application server. Zope as we said, it is an open source application server for constructing Content Management System, Portals, Custom Applications, and Internets. Primarily, Zope is written on Python, a highly productive programming language or object-oriented scripting language.

Zope application server's variety of features included:

  • Transactional object database, which can store content and custom data, dynamic HTML templates, scripts and Rational Database Management System (RDBMS), and dynamic HTML templates.
  • Provides two mechanisms, Dynamic Template Markup Language (DTML) and Zope Page Templates (ZPT) for HTML templating.
  • Strong Web Development Model.
  • Integrate Security Model.

A fundamental part of the Plone can be used for any kind of websites including blogs, internet websites, and web or online shops. The strong part of the Plone is that it is flexible to use and adaptable workflow, highly flexibility and usability, expandable, and high alert security. Plone Content Management System is that, which also executed in the companies, as the aims for more links to provide subscriptions and give advantages to online reading community to post their comments.

Features of Plone Content Management System:

Some of the various features associated with Plone Content Management Systems are as follows:

  • Access via standard web browser
  • Support for multilingual content
  • WYSIWYG editing interface
  • Tools to create or control basic HTML features
  • Comprehensive CMS
  • High security model provides simplicity and flexibility
  • Excellent template system
  • Store data in built-in object database

The aim of Plone CMS Customization is to enhance the client's rate of success and this is the only reason why others want to switch to existing technology. HorizonCore is always ready to help the people or client company who are searching for quality services of Plone ECM (Enterprise Content Management). Team HorizonCore expertise in providing the right way solution for Plone ECM, depending upon the clients and enterprise requirement.

The content management system of Plone is basically ready-to-run system, which is built on Zope and Python application server. Plone is a very easy, flexible, and powerful Content Management System with the help of which web content such as communities, projects, intranets, and websites can be easily managed and maintained. Plone CMS is easy to download and install not only for developers end, but even its compatible at uses end. Our professional Plone developers have experience in Plone customization and so we expertise in delivering satisfactory solution to any requirements. We also offer various solutions to customer quires regarding Plone consulting. Whatever is your need, we deliver quick and affordable solution to match your requirements.

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