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Our company is unique in that it brings the most innovative business process solutions and the most advanced Internet-based technologies together under one roof.

HorizonCore Infosoft is an offshore outsourcing company that develops software as well as web applications for the clients all around the world. The offshore outsourcing center is situated in Ahmedabad, a city in India, where we have set up an infrastructural center for providing you services of Website Development, Website Designing, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Full Stack Development, Cloud Development, Enterprise Solutions as well as Big Data Solutions in varied technologies.

Our Offshore Outsourcing team comprises of an organizational structure that starts with the Project Managers. The main task of the project manager is to communicate with the clients / programmers of the offshore development center and handle the over all project. They manage the project from the beginning till its successful completion.

The programming team as well as the designing team cooperates in hand-to-hand to fulfill the requirement of the customer as directed by the project managers.

Why Outsource to HorizonCore InfoSoft?

  • Quality Product Delivery

    You can outsource to HorizonCore and we assure you to get the best quality services. Our professional team with their full dedication put their efforts in maintaining the quality of the products.

  • Cost Benefits

    You can outsource your projects and reduce your investment for resources and their maintenance cost that will be beneficial in project overheads.

  • Professional Excellence

    This service offered to clients by capering on quality Human Resource, robust infrastructure and domain related Research and Development.

  • On-Time Delivery

    We pay our full attention in the on-time delivery of the projects to the clients to ensure their satisfaction as well as their benefits.

  • Skilled and Technical Proficient

    You will get Quality Manpower with strong technical skills, good language command and excitement to accommodate Clients.

  • Realistic Cost Savings

    You can save 40% in the project costs; if you outsource the projects as compared to onshore markets.

Offshore Outsource Model

The idea behind the offshore outsource model is based on "Hire dedicated resource rather than expertise". Most of the businesses wish to outsource their activities to offshore development companies who have expertise in working domains.

Offshore Outsourcing is the modern business approach of transferring its commercial behavior to our expert offshore company with the aim to fetch high quality, cost efficient and technical excellence than what is available in onshore / domestic markets.


  • India considered as the most preferable target for offshore outsourcing. Why?

    While outsourcing project for offshore development, one must consider all the affecting factors to choose the best among all. India has emerged as the governing competitor because it is the strongest selection across a range of factors:

  • Reputation and consistency in delivering IT services

    India has a strongest knowledge base in the field of information technology with many decades of experience in delivering IT services. Many of the IT giant and most famous corporate like Microsoft, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Dell, HP, Compaq etc have their own development centers as well as outsourcing relationships with offshore vendors in India.

  • Availability of skilled and computer literate professionals

    India has the largest range of skilled, experienced IT professionals with combination skill sets. India's knowledge-giving universities and diverse colleges publish thousands of well-educated professionals every year and they got absorbed.

  • Government support

    Indian government is a strong supporter of IT initiatives. Easy legal proceeding and large investment in providing excellent training infrastructure support it.

  • Cultural similarity

    India has most of the skilled persons having good command over English Language and IT professionals have extensive experience working with their American and European countries.

  • What are the ideal projects for offshore outsourcing?
    • e-Commerce Projects/Content Management System(CMS)

    • Application Conversions (e.g. VB 2.0 to VB.NET or VB 6.0)

    • Database Conversions (e.g. SQL 6.5 to SQL 2000)

    • Integration of legacy or enterprise systems to client/server, Web Application, etc.

    • Porting projects to different platforms (porting from DOS, Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP, Unix, etc.)

    • Component development (e.g. ActiveX, OOP, OOD, Reports and Modules)

    • Documentation, Producing of Windows Help Files, etc.

    • Testing

    • Desktop programs development

    • Application, Database and Web Maintenance

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