Why should you choose Laravel for your next web project?

In this technology-driven era, you should stay updated with all the ever changing trends in the web world if you don’t want to lose the competition. Though you have an array of PHP frameworks which will help you in making a compelling website or app, still, Laravel is one of the most applauded web-based PHP application frameworks. Laravel has an expressive and elegant syntax which makes a web development project much easier for Laravel developer India. If you want to embrace your clients with the best cutting-edge web solutions, you should hire Laravel developer in your team.

But what are the reasons behind this astounding popularity of Laravel or why should you choose Laravel for your next web project? Let’s dig a little deeper.

  1. MVC architecture support: This is the core reason that you should choose Laravel for your next web project. Like other frameworks, Laravel also supports MVC architecture (Model View Controller). This architecture comprises a lot of built-in applications which will help you to design your web development process. With the help of this architecture, you can simplify the development of large and intricate web applications by separating their user interface and business logic layers. MVC architecture improves the performance of your web application and also allows for better documentation.
  2. Eloquent ORM: Laravel framework comes with beautiful built-in Eloquent ORM. With the help of the ORM system, you can work with databases through ActiveRecord implementation. Moreover, you can also perform common database operations through this model. Now, without writing intricate SQL queries, you can easily define the model and perform database operations.
  3. Objective oriented libraries: Laravel framework is equipped with Object Oriented libraries and many other pre-installed libraries which other frameworks don’t have. It is true that Authentication library is one of the pre-installed libraries in Laravel. This authentication library possesses a chunk of features like checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and encryption. Moreover, Laravel has facades and helper functions which are quite beneficial. By using this helper function, you can perform many common and easy tasks like firing events, generating views, dispatching jobs or sending HTTP responses to the server.
  4. Artisan console: This is another reason behind the popularity of Laravel and that’s why this framework is ranked first in the PHP frameworks. Laravel embraces its efficient developers with a built-in tool named ‘Artisan console’. In Laravel, Artisan is the command line interface. By using this tool, you can easily bypass all the dreary and time-consuming programming tasks that you used to perform manually earlier.

  1. Security: It is true that no application is 100 % secure and safe. But still, the security of Laravel is much better than other PHP frameworks. Laravel uses a salted and hashed password which will never save in your database in the form of plain or simple text. Moreover, this eminent framework uses Bcrypt hashing algorithm to generate an encrypted password which provides more security and safety. Laravel offers the following security features.
  • Encryption
  • CSRF protection( With the help of Laravel, now you can easily protect your application from Cross-site forgery attacks).
  • API Authentication (Passport) [ By using Laravel passport, Laravel protects API authentication]
  • Gates (Laravel offers gate protection to enhance the security level. Gates are basically closures and they determine whether a user is authorized to perform a certain action or not)
  1. Unit testing: By performing unit testing through PHPUnit, Laravel permits you to assess a specific feature or functionality of the web development application. In Laravel, the PHPUnit.XML file is set up by default. Now, you can simply write test cases and easily perform unit testing throughout the development process.
  2. Template engine: By using Laravel’s templates, developers can easily create many astounding layouts which include dynamic content seeding. The templates of Laravel are basically used for simple webpage design. Laravel comes with a Blade Template Engine and that’s why Laravel is so popular among developers.

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