What is Laravel and Why Should You Use It?

In this technology-driven world, web developers are blessed with a plethora of PHP frameworks which are helping them to develop some astonishing websites. Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks which follows the MVC model and thus, it allows developers to build compelling and eye-catching websites.

The latest version of Laravel is 5.7 which was introduced in September 2018. This latest version possesses a chunk of features and it drastically improves your website’s productivity and appearance. So, indubitably Laravel is a strong PHP framework which helps developers in the rapid development of websites along with some enthralling web applications. If you are planning to build a website or application using Laravel, then you should hire the best Laravel developer India from a reputed development company.

Let’s check out why Laravel is so worthy or what are the reasons behind its popularity.

Why should you use Laravel? 

  1. Follows MVC structure: As a PHP framework, Laravel follows MVC structure which means anyone can use it comfortably. Laravel has simple tables and well-defined classes and thus, it makes the developer’s life easier and simpler.
  2. Automatically link classes: Laravel framework automatically links classes (that are defined in the codes) with databases. The ORM classes in Laravel works smoothly with all database objects without any hassle.
  3. Easy to update any new entry: The updating of new entries is much easier with Laravel. Hence, developers can easily continue the development process.
  4. Easy migration: Laravel comes with a much-refined set of migrations. Migration files allow developers to update the database easily. Altering of the database schema is not at all an issue if you are using Laravel.
    1. Eloquent ORM: Laravel possesses a beautiful built-in Eloquent ORM. By using this ORM system, you can now work with databases through ActiveRecord implementation. With the help of this model, you can also accomplish common database operations. You don’t need to write all the complex SQL queries any more rather you can perform database operations by defining the model. Laravel comes with a well- set packaging system named Bundles, Dependency manager, and powerful repository. All these things made this framework eloquent.
    2. A Blade template engine: Laravel comes with a Blade Template Engine and this is another reason behind its amazing popularity among web artisans. Laravel has many control structures, loops, and extended custom directives and that’s why it helps developers in creating fast applications.
    3. Easy Paginations: In Laravel, you can easily do paginations with the help of automated methods.
    4. Security: When it comes to safety and security, Laravel is far better than other PHP frameworks. Laravel uses a salted and hashed password. Moreover, Laravel framework uses bcrypt hashing algorithm in order to generate an encrypted password. This encrypted password will give you more security and safety. With Laravel, you will get the below-mentioned security features.
    • Encryption
    • CSRF protection
    • API Authentication (Passport)
    • Gates
    1. Easily build apt URIs: The Reverse routing of Laravel helps this framework to build apt URIs automatically.
    2. Artisan CLI: This framework possesses an improved Artisan CLI itself. When Laravel came to the market, at that time, its CLI was a small unit. But with the implementation of new controllers, it was expanded gradually. Now, with the advancement of this dedicated Artisan CLI, you can do many things migration, seeding, and even can create boilerplate codes.
    3. Unit testing: Laravel framework follows the concept of “Unit Testing”. By following unit testing, multiple testings are performed to ensure that the new changes will be created by efficient developers without tampering any single thing into the application. Thus, it will make your application responsive and effective.

    Hope from the above article, you got plenty of information regarding what is Laravel and why people should use it over other frameworks.

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