Top 5 benefits of Hiring Dedicated Ruby on Rails Programmer

When we talk about Hiring Dedicated Ruby on Rails Programmer the first question rais in a mind that why should I hire ruby on rails programmer? Simple, only because the Ruby programming language is the best! It is object-oriented’, easily readable and has unsurprising syntax and behavior. So, here we are going to discuss top 5 benefits of hiring Dedicated Ruby on Rails Programmer, that will help you to hire ruby on rails programmer for your application development.

1.Ruby programming language:

Yes, of course! This one could also be considered as a benefit of hiring a RoR developer as this language is too awesome to code. It is just like the English language. As code of Ruby is easy to write & understand, you can maintain this code very well. But for that, you need an experienced Ruby developer unexceptionally. You can hire Ruby programmer for any customized web application development for a better experience.

2.DRY Code:

ROR developers use DRY code. ‘DRY’ means Don’t Repeat Yourself. RoR framework follows this concept strictly. According to the principle of software development, every piece of information should be expressed in just one place. Because duplicate code creates inconsistency. Ruby encourage us to maintain this DRY principle by its structure. You can implement in your existing application or can upgrade or redevelop it. But for this, you will need to hire a dedicated developer that can flow with coding in this framework.

3.Convention Over Configuration:

There are no XML configuration files in RoR. It includes simple programming conventions to specify the configuration parameters. We just have to specify the unconventional aspects. Again it has its own Sensible defaults.  You don’t need to specify all the time, hence it speeds up the development and needs to maintain a less code. ROR has the best built-in practices. Not only that all the extra features are available for free in ROR frameworks.

4.Database Access Library:

In a form of Active Record, ROR includes a database access library. Active Record automatically maps tables to classes and rows to objects. In most of the cases, you just don’t need to use SQL. ROR is compatible with different databases such as MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. And no matter whichever database you are using, ActiveRecord method format remains the same all the time. Isn’t it amazing?

5.Wide RoR Community :

According to similartech Ruby on Rail is the third leading framework among the top 18  framework technologies shared on the web.

You might think that it is just third one! But this is a tough competition to other aged open source frameworks. Over the entire Internet, there are about 63,085,164 web applications that are built with ROR. Not only this there is a large no of  RoR programmers are there and increasing as well.


Ruby could be your best programming partner and Rails would be the perfect framework for any web application development but just consider these things before hiring dedicated developers from India. This will be surely beneficial to your business and allow you to get a better web application in your budget. Feel free to contact us for any other inquiry regarding web application development, maintenance & designing or web redesign. You will also get a free quote for the best of IT services.

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