Top 10 Advantages of HTML5 Development

HTML5 is the newest entrant in the realm of web design and development. This latest version of hypertext markup language has made some astounding changes in the field of website design and development. This new markup language comes with many new-fangled features which will make your site more appealing and engaging. Though many designers have already jumped their ships to this new trend, still, there are many who are facing a dilemma regarding this switching. Here, we are going to mention the top 10 advantages of HTML 5 and if you want to enjoy those advantages, hire HTML5 developers for your project.

Some Major Advantages of HTML5 

  1. Doctype: With <!DOCTYPE html> in the new version, no more need to copy and paste the long and unreadable code like you used to do it all the time. This is also very simple, and it goes well with all the legacy versions of major browsers including IE6. By using HTML5, now, you can say goodbye to all those unreadable and boring codes.
  2. Better accessibility: This could be another reason that people should switch to HTML5. HTML5 improves the accessibility of your site. Now, readers can comfortably access content and understand various tags like <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <section>, <aside> without any hassle. Moreover, it will also make the coding process easier and simpler for the developers. This new improvement offers better access to irrespective of the screen size and resolution of the device.
  3. Cleaner and more attractive code: Every coding tutorial tells you to keep your code clean. With HTML5, now you can write clear and descriptive code easily. Even this markup language allows you to write semantic code cleanly. Moreover, you can separate style from the comment without many difficulties.
  4. Mobile-friendly: This is another profound advantage of HTML5 that you should opt for this language. Now, most people use their mobile phones to visit a website or open an app. Thus, every website should be mobile-friendly to standout in the competition. HTML5 allows you to build various sites and apps which are compatible with all mobile devices.
    1. Cross-browser compatibility: In this multi-browser world, every website should possess a cross-browser compatibility feature. HTML5 goes well with all browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari. It even supports all their legacy versions.
    2. Supports both audio and video: In earlier, if you want to use audio or video elements, you need to use Flash Player or other third-party media players. And these audio and videos were accessible to those who had these players installed. But, now with the help of HTML5, you can say goodbye to those media players and your audio and video will now accessible to everyone.
    3. Geolocation support: In this steep competitive world, if you want to sustain, you need to create customized content and version of the site. Now, with the help of HTML5 Geolocation API, you can detect the location of a user and create customized content which can instigate his or her interest.
    4. Supports game development: Now, games are overpowering everything because of their huge popularity and market. You may also find a chunk of users is spending their leisure time by playing various games. Now, you can develop games on HTML5 by simply using the <canvas> tag. These games are easy to develop, and they are very intriguing.
    5. Improved interactions: Nowadays, every online marketer wants better interaction to improve their sales volume and profit. By using HTML5, you can make your website more attractive and engaging. With the help of new drawing elements, now you can incorporate animation and other features to your website which will make your site more compelling and will keep your users engaged.
    6. Improved storage: HTML5 embraces you with improved storage feature. Now, you can store all your imperative data and information safely and securely even if the browser is closed.

    The above article describes the top 10 advantages of HTML development.

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