Reign the Online Market with a Compelling Laravel Application

As an open source PHP network, Laravel has been evolving consistently and is meeting all the emerging trends in the field of web application development. With its astounding features and facilities, Laravel has established itself as a true champion framework and it has been highly appreciated by the developers. Laravel is ideal for all (From APIs to small and intricated web apps). Laravel comes with an extensive set of libraries and amazing features which are helping the developers to build some stunning websites or web applications by using the standard code.

If you want to build up a Laravel application, then you should hire the best Laravel developers India who are well aware of the intriguing ways to tweak the application so that it will secure a good position in the search engines. In this article, we are going to mention some of the quintessential features of Laravel which will help you to make a feature-rich and functional application easily.

  1. MVC architecture support: As an open source PHP network, Laravel supports MVC architecture (Model View Controller). That’s why this framework is highly applauded by the developers. This architecture possesses a chunk of built-in applications which make your web development process simpler and easier. By using this architecture, now you can simplify the development of large and complicated web applications by separating their user interface and business logic layers. MVC architecture also uplifts the performance of your web application and it encourages for better documentation.
  1. Application logic: You can use it for building any type of application for your business. This PHP framework embraces the developers with a chunk of advantages by providing them with enough flexibility to create the smallest websites as well as bulky enterprise applications.
  1. Security: Security should be your prime concern when you are trying to build a web application. And, when it comes to security and safety, Laravel is much better and advanced than other PHP frameworks. Laravel framework uses a salted and hashed password which will never save in your database in the form of plain or simple text. Moreover, this popular framework also uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm in order to generate an encrypted password. This encrypted password gives the highest level of safety and security by minimizing the chances of data thefts and hacks. With Laravel, you will get the following security features.
  • Encryption
  • CSRF protection (By using Laravel, you can now protect your application from Cross-site forgery attacks).
  • API Authentication (Passport) [Laravel protects API authentication by using Laravel passport]
  • Gates (Laravel offers gate protection in order to improve the security level of your application. Gates are closures which used to determine whether a user is authorized to perform a certain task or not)
  1. Unit testing: Laravel framework follows Unit Testing concept. By following unit testing in Laravel, multiple testing can be performed to ensure that the new changes will be created by the developers without hampering any single thing into the application. This unit testing system basically helps developers to test all the important features separately and fix the bugs immediately once they are discovered. Because of unit testing, now your application looks more effective and responsive.

  1. Artisan console: Artisan console plays an imperative role behind the worldwide popularity of Laravel. All Laravel developers are blessed with a built-in tool named ‘Artisan console’. In Laravel, Artisan is the command line interface. With the help of this tool, now developers can bypass all the tedious, humdrum, and time-consuming programming tasks that they used to perform manually earlier.
  1. A template engine: With the help of Laravel’s template, now efficient Laravel developers India can easily create a chunk of astonishing layouts which include dynamic content seeding. Laravel templates are mainly used for creating a simple webpage design. Laravel has a Blade Template Engine and this Blade template engine sets Laravel apart from other PHP frameworks and it is very easy to deploy.

These days, the online market is crammed with many PHP frameworks, but Laravel stood out as a reigning framework because of its robust and easy to use features. Most of the developers usually think that building an application is a thrilling and intriguing experience and Laravel, truly meets their expectations. If you want to plunge in the internet era with a robust and out-of-the-box web application without burning your pocket, then nothing can be better than Laravel framework.

HorizonCore is a reputed web development company which has an outstanding portfolio in the field of Laravel development. This company only hires the efficient and dexterous Laravel developer India who have unparalleled knowledge in Laravel so that the clients will get the best from them. The developers usually give the solution to the clients after analysing the requirements thoroughly. Their Laravel development services include,

  1. Laravel web application
  2. Laravel extension
  3. Theme design and integration
  4. Laravel CMS development
  5. 3rd party app integration

If you want to hire Laravel developer for your next web project, contact with HorizonCore for our outstanding services and support.

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