Reasons Behind the Immense Popularity of ReactJS among Developers

With the invasion of new tools and technologies in the market, the front-end development is emerging rapidly. These days, there is a chunk of tools which are revolutionising the web development workflow. Indubitably, ReactJS is one of them.

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library which is very useful in creating outstanding web apps. The prime objective of ReactJS is to develop engaging user interfaces by minimizing the effort of coding. ReactJS is developed by the prodigious company Facebook and that’s why it has gained immense popularity among developers. ReactJS is very simple and flexible and it provides the developers with the right solutions which they are looking for. A plethora of statistics has claimed that ReactJS is used by 1300 developers and more than, 94,000 sites are utilizing ReactJS. ReactJS is very popular in the USA and is followed by other developed countries like Japan, China, Russia, and the UK. If you want to make some impressive web apps using ReactJS, you should hire ReactJS developers who will accomplish your project successfully.

Let’s find out some of the reasons behind the huge popularity of ReactJS among developers.

  1. Helps you to create dynamic web applications easily: Earlier, it was an intricate and tedious job to create dynamic web applications because you need to deal with clumsy HTML which required a lot of complex coding. But ReactJS has successfully solved the issue. ReactJS has JSX which allows HTML quotes and HTML tag syntax application to render subcomponents effortlessly. ReactJS also encourages developing machine-readable codes and mixes the components.
  2. Learning ReactJS is easier: This is another reason behind the enormous popularity of ReactJS among developers. Developers, particularly the novice ones prefer ReactJS as learning ReactJS is much facile and simpler as compared to other frameworks. A developer can easily get familiar with its features which are required for web and app development. Though ReactJS is not a fully-featured framework, still, it has the advantage of open-source JavaScript GUI library. This library helps the developers to execute all the tasks in a better way.
  3. Developers can reuse the components: Since ReactJS is blessed with this feature, now, developers can reuse components. By sharing the same functionality, developers can easily reuse the components that were developed some other application. Due to this feature of ReactJS, you can now quickly develop an app and also can save a chunk of time and effort. Moreover, ReactJS encourages minimal coding which means there will be lesser chances of errors.
  4. Improve the performance because of virtual DOM: DOM is a tree-like structure where each of the nodes represents a part of the document. When DOM was updated most of the developers usually face problems as this update lessens the speed of the performance. ReactJS has solved this problem by introducing virtual DOM to its developers. Now, by using ReactJS, you can create a virtual DOM. If you made any changes in actual DOM, the virtual DOM will get changed. Since DOM doesn’t update frequently, hence the performance won’t ever be comprised. So, by using virtual DOM, you can enjoy faster and smoother performance.
  5. ReactJS is SEO-friendly: When you are planning to build web apps, you can’t ignore SEO as it will improve the mileage and visibility of your apps. Most of the JavaScript frameworks are not good for SEO. But the good news is that ReactJS is exceptional. Developers can now run React on the server. The virtual DOM of ReactJS will be rendered and returned to the browser as a normal web page. This means now search engines can crawl and index web pages which are built with ReactJS.
  6. Comes with some wonderful developer tools: ReactJS comes with a plethora of handy tools which make the developer’s job easier and simpler. React welcomes its developers with a chrome extension that will help them to debug their apps. After installing the extension, you will have a direct look into the virtual DOM.
  7. The community is huge and is increasing: With the advancement of technology, the community of ReactJS is improving day by day. This community is helping the new developers to search for a library which they are looking for their task. Now, the developers don’t need to develop anything on their own. If you are looking for an NPM, you will easily find multiple packages which are highly compatible with ReactJS. Moreover, ReactJS got huge support from Facebook which means if you face any challenge, that can easily be resolved because of its large community.ReactJS is ideal for the developers as it is helping them in developing engaging web apps and user interfaces within a short time. If you want to establish your presence strongly in the market by using your web apps, then ensure that all of them are crafted professionally with the best practices. And ReactJS is the only framework which will fulfil your desire and needs.

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