Why ReactJS has Gained Spotlight Among Developers for Developing Modern Web Apps

Over the past few years, front-end ecosystem is emerging and evolving rapidly. The markets are thronged with some popular tools which are truly revolutionizing the web development workflow. Indubitably, ReactJS is a popular JavaScript Library which has gained a huge recognition within a short span of life. Though it has developed in 2011, got the full-fledged license in the year 2013. Today, it is maintained by Facebook along with its developer community.

These days, a chunk of popular big giants like PayPal, Netflix, Apple, Uber, IMDB, etc. along with more than 32 thousand companies are building their websites by using ReactJS framework. If you want to build your website by using ReactJS, you should hire ReactJS developers from an eminent firm. In this article, we are going to mention some persuasive reasons behind the huge popularity of ReactJS.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of ReactJS which helps you to create better web apps.

  1. Easy to learn and easy to use: This is the prime advantage of ReactJS which makes it superior to other frameworks. Now, you can easily learn and use ReactJS as it comes with a plethora of tutorials, documentation, and training resources. If you have a sound knowledge of JavaScript, then you can easily understand and start using React within a few days. Earlier, it was a time-taken process to create a dynamic web application with clumsy HTML strings because of coding intricacies. But with React, you can solve this issue by using JSX.
  2. Reusable components: React helps you to create “module-like pieces of code” known as components. These components are very useful in creating apps. In React, you can start with small things which you can use later to build bigger things (apps). Each component has a distinct logic and you can use them whenever you want in future. Code re-use actually helps you to make an app easily and effortlessly. Moreover, you can also maintain them comfortably. This reusability saves a chunk of time on development and also, maintains a consistent look and feel throughout the project.
  3. Virtual DOM: Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) is the core reason why developers are preferring ReactJS in order to create fast and scalable web apps. If you have developed an app which has a lot of user interaction and data updates, you should be careful regarding how your app structure will make an impact on the performance. Because extensive DOM manipulation is always a performance bottleneck and it can even annoy your users. Since DOM is a tree-structured, a simple change can even cause a huge ripple to the UI. By using Virtual DOM, React Solve this issue. Now, every new change is first performed on the virtual DOM. Then, an algorithm will decide whether the changes that you have made to the virtual DOM need to be implemented on real DOM or not. To know more about this, read Reconciliation page on React website.
  4. Speed up the performance: The Virtual DOM drastically improves the speed of your web applications. This is because it removes the usage of weighty frameworks like Jquery and other bootstrapping libraries. React can alone create eye-catching and compelling front-end designs, but now, it has combined with super-fast rendering capabilities which will boost up the performance. That’s why companies are preferring this framework in order to create modern apps.
  5. SEO-friendly framework: SEO plays an imperative role for online businesses because this approach helps them to get traffic for websites. Earlier, developers have complained that JavaScript frameworks are not SEO-friendly. But React has solved this issue. React lessens page load time through faster rendering speed. Moreover, it performs based on current user traffic and features.
  6. Easy migration: Developers often need to think about migration when they are planning to migrate the entire database from an older technological infrastructure to a new one. This is a tedious and time-consuming job. React is a light weighted framework which means you can add the code anywhere onto your existing infrastructure without the worry of shutting down the system.
  7. The support of handy tools: This is another reason behind the huge popularity of React. React comes with a handy set of tools. These tools actually make the developer’s task much easier and simpler. React developer tools are a browser extension which can easily available for both Chrome and Firefox. These tools help developers to observe reactive component hierarchies, discover child and parent components, and inspect their current state.
  8. There is a React Native for mobile app development: React follows the same design pattern for both web and mobile application. By using plain JavaScript and React, you can easily build rich UI for native apps which is highly supported by iOS as well as Android platforms.These are some prime advantages of ReactJS and that’s why it has gained huge popularity among developers.Do you want to build up a website using ReactJS framework? Then, you should hire ReactJS developers from a reputed company like HorizonCore. HorizonCore is a reputed web development company which has a strong knowledge and skill on ReactJS. The company has many experienced and professional ReactJS developers who are helping the clients in making some compelling websites using this framework. Our React development services are
    • React Plugins & components development
    • ReactJS native application development
    • Maintenance and support
    • Portal development
    • ReactJS front-end development

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