React Native: Is It really the Future of Mobile App Development?

Over the past few years, the mobile app industry has witnessed unprecedented growth. Most of the companies are trying to escalate their businesses by adopting mobile app development technology. On the other hand, the users are also preferring those apps which are not only appealing or compelling but also provide seamless navigation and outstanding performance. To cope up with the market demand, mobile app developers need improved technology which will help them to build revolutionary mobile applications. Here, enters React Native which helps the developers to build brilliant and eye-catching apps.

What is React Native?

React Native is the native version of traditional JavaScript Library (React JS). This is usually maintained by the developers of Facebook and Instagram. React Native is easy to debug and it also helps developers to complete the development process quickly and rapidly. React Native has gained immense popularity among the developers within the short span of life. You can also hire React JS developers if you want to build high-quality functional mobile apps for your business.

Why React Native is the future of mobile app development? Let’s dig into deeper.

 Now, let’s take a look at why React Native is identified as the future of mobile app development.

  1.  Cross-platform compatibility: It is true that earlier React Native was introduced for iOS only. Motivated by its outstanding features and capabilities, Facebook has developed its support for Android too. Nowadays, most of the React Native APIs are cross-platform. This means using one single component, you can build both iOS and Android apps simultaneously. Now, without writing a single line of platform-specific code, you can build full-fledged applications that look, run, and feel native. There are some instances when you need platform-specific apps. For this, React Native provides Platform modules and Platform specific file extensions. The Platform module helps you to detect the OS supporting the app. On the other hand, using Platform specific file extension, React Native can pick up the right file based on the OS of the app which is running on.
  2. Shorter development cycles: This is another reason behind the huge popularity of React Native. React Native makes the app development process much faster and simpler for the developers. Since this is an open-source project, there are a plethora of components for use. A statistic has claimed that the development time drops by 30 per cent when you use open-source components. Redux (a state management tool) drastically reduces app development time.

  1. Native functionality: Mobile apps that you have developed using React Native perform as well as Native apps. That’s why the name is React Native. Though JavaScript is not as fast as Native, still, React Native with JavaScript can easily run even the intricate apps smoothly. Since the JavaScript part runs on its own thread, hence your UI’s animation won’t straggle.
  2. Instant Live update: Another reason for using React Native is Live update. Now, app developers can easily push updates to the customers’ phone. And for this, they don’t need to go through the app store update cycle. This is possible because of the extensive use of JavaScript. You can also integrate Microsoft’s live update service CodePush SDK with your React Native app. By using this, now you can easily push updates to your app. But you can only update JavaScript and the assets, if you want to update the Native OS, then you need to go through the app store update process.
  3. Easy to learn: React Native is very simple to learn and it is highly readable. This is the ultimate tool for newbie developers who don’t have adequate knowledge of JavaScript. This comes with a wide range of components along with maps and filters which make the app development process easier for the developers.

  1. Positive developer experience: React Native embraces its developers with a positive developing environment. This tool allows the modifications and implementations easily even if your app is running. This is quite helpful for the novice developers as they don’t need to restart it. Hot reloading refreshes the user interface instantly when you make any changes to the file. Moreover, React Native extirpates tedious re-building and deploying steps. Thus, it simplifies the iteration cycle.
  2. Supported by a wider range of community: When you are building an app for your business using a new framework, you should concern whether it will stay longer in the market or not. React Native has a wider range of community and it is also supported by Facebook. All of them are working continuously to improve the framework by setting some advanced goal and technologies. So, you don’t need to worry about this framework as it will not going to disappear soon. Rather this framework will get improved and better with the time.There is no doubt that React Native has added a fresh breeze in the field of mobile app development. Now, by using this framework, you can easily make high-quality apps which will compliment your business. That’s why many companies are switching to React Native and are hiring React JS developers to develop functional and eye-catching apps.

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