Why React Favors Front-End Development?

Over the past few years, the unparalleled growth of ReactJS has motivated every development company to switch to this framework if they want to build some compelling native apps. React is a JavaScript library-based framework which has got huge appreciation from the front-end developers due to its amazing features. To stand out in the market, you can also hire ReactJS developers who will help you in making eye-catching native apps for your business. In this article, we are going to discuss why React favours front-end development? But before that, let’s take a look at what is React.

What is React framework?

 ReactJS often known as React is a JavaScript library-based framework which is developed by Facebook. This framework delivers UI components and it is supported by both front-end and server-side. This framework effortlessly produces intuitive components like tab bars, list; modular and reusable. By using React framework, you can improve your UI components in infinite ways. This will certainly provide a smoother and better customer experience to your users.

Why front-end developers prefer to React?

 React has become one of the popular choices of frameworks for front-end development. The expert developers are preferring this framework over others, but why? Let’s unravel the answer.

  1. Easily accessible JSX file: React mixes JavaScript and HTML in one manageable JSX file. JSX is the syntax extension to JavaScript but it has the full power of JavaScript. All experienced React developers usually write the codes like HTML. Now, you can easily shape the refillable UI module and also enjoy the benefits of both HTML and JavaScript.
  2. Flux program design: M’ and ‘C’ constituents are filled by the Flux. This structural design is capable of producing data layers with JavaScript. It can also recognize and brings about ‘Actions’.
  3. Collaborating user interfaces: Depending on the requirement, the developers are free to frame and state their user interfaces. In order to enjoy preferred components, the front-end developers usually define the interfaces.
  4. Unidirectional data flow: By employing unidirectional data flow, ReactJS assures a clean data flow design during the development of the applications. Moreover, the developers can control all the functions in a better way.
  5. React Native: React has brought a revolutionary change in the field of mobile app development and has introduced to React Native in the market. By using native code for both iOS and Android, this framework helps you to write exclusive elements. React usually considers the view layer as the output of the state. Now, you can effortlessly write code for both mobile and web.
  6. Virtual DOM: This is another reason why a front-end developer always loves and prefers React over other frameworks. React brings a layer of the Virtual DOM between the user layer and actual DOM. The Virtual DOM is basically a virtual representation of the DOM which stays in memory rather than the user’s screen. An algorithm usually monitors all the changes that are made on the virtual DOM and decides which changes must make it to the real DOM as well as the user’s screen. Since React works on JavaScript, hence a single change in any component can manipulate and tarnish the entire DOM. If this happened frequently, then it can affect performance. That’s why React has introduced the virtual DOM which absorbs any changes to the DOM and stores them in memory.
  7. Refillable mechanism: Depending on the requirement of the applications, the React supports and encourages the use of other components. You can use the components persistently in any form. The components can be used either as in singular or in the mixed form.
  8. React ecosystem: For React framework, the developers can expand the core React library with the help of additional libraries. A developer uses React along with those libraries in order to form the React ecosystem. ReactJS has a chunk of libraries. For example, there is Redux for state management, React Router for routing, and Axios to facilitate API interactions. All these libraries are part of the React Ecosystem. In ReactJS, templates are not in the part of React ecosystem. Most importantly, the ReactJS never uses templates rather it uses components.
  9. Server-side rendering: When a crawler or user hits a page, ReactJS usually demands a server-side rendering to deliver an HTML response. With server-side rendering, ReactJS renders JavaScript pages with the same consistency which it used to do for HTML and XML pages. You should go for the advanced SEO technique to ensure your web application is more discoverable and visible by search engines.

ReactJS makes coding and development process easier for the developers as compared to other frameworks. That’s why ReactJS has noticed an enormous growth and is preferred by the front-end developers.

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