Why You Should Prefer “Dedicated Developer” Over Freelancers

The astounding growth of mobile app development over the last few years has motivated many app development companies to develop some functional yet alluring apps so that they can stay competitive in this market and can also enhance their customer base. Very often the companies don’t have adequate resources for this and that’s why they hire either an individual freelancer or a developer from an eminent company. Though both have their own upsides and downsides, still whom you hire is dependent on many factors like your budget, time period, requirement, and expertise.

Whether you hire dedicated developers or you are agreed to pay a freelancer, before making the final call, you need to understand their work methods first.

A freelancer:A freelancer is a person who used to handle multifarious projects at a time. A freelancer usually works from home or can work as a virtual assistant for your projects. Most of the time, they used to juggle with various clients and very rarely they meet the deadline. Moreover, they also spend a chunk of time in marketing and networking so that they can acquire new clients.

A developer:On the other hand, a professional developer usually works for a company on a full-time basis. He dedicatedly handles a single project at a time and fetches a salary at the end of the month from the company.Still confused? Let’s evaluate some parameters which will help you to make the conclusion.

Dedication:A freelancer usually manages many clients from different industries, so you may not get an immediate response and service for your project. But if you hire developers from a company, they will work exclusively on your project. It would be the company’s responsibility to submit your project within the timeline. If the dedicated developer left the job or suffered from any illness, the company will assign another developer who will handle and manage your project so that it will get completed in a hassle-free way and you will get it on time. Unfortunately, you can’t expect this kind of service from a freelancer.

Expertise or proficiency: This is another prime deciding factor which you can’t ignore. A professional developer is much more equipped and skilful than a freelancer because he needs to handle an array of clients from various levels. Though freelancers are quite dexterous and skilful, the professional developers have imbibed a professional attitude by working in an official environment. That’s why they are more preferable than freelancers.

Availability: Since the dedicated developers are assigned for your projects exclusively, hence they are easily available. But the availability of the freelancers is limited because they perform many tasks at a time. If you need to change anything on an urgent basis or need to fix any bug, with the dedicated developers, you can accomplish this job easily. But freelancers may not be able to meet up your expectations.

Security: Security is a game changer point when you are thinking to outsource your app development project. Your business secrets, confidential data, ideas, etc. are more secured with a dedicated developer because he is working with a pre-eminent company. On the other hand, you may not get this kind of security from a freelancer.

Resources: Since a dedicated developer is working with a company, he gets all the pre-requisite support(IT support, maintenance, communication, infrastructure, etc.) from the company. But a freelancer may not well-equipped in terms of resources as compared to a dedicated developer.
So, from the above-mentioned points, it can be concluded that the benefits of hiring a developer are simply fathomless. If your budget is not a constraint, hire dedicated developers who have comprehensive knowledge of development.

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