Performance Metrics of Mobile App : Front-end and Back-end

It is known by Smart mobile app development team that developing and releasing a mobile app is just the first step towards the long journey of delivering a successful 5-Star rated mobile app. If you want to make your app successful (your idea of success – improved brand, increased revenue, more engagement), you need to measure the right metrics and optimize your app to your target goals.

Performance matrix specifically focuses on your apps performance depending on various criteria’s as per the requirements. Using those matrix results you can make your app more efficient in context to performance.

Below are the most important performance matrices for both Front-end and Back-end:

  • App Crashes – Every mobile user has experienced crashes at some point. An average crash per app load is termed as Crash Rate. The typical crash rate is somewhere between 1 to 2%, but this varies largely depending on the type of app, its usage, maturity, etc.
  • App Load Period – This metric is related to the number of transactions over a certain period of time. This is critically important if you want to make sure that as the load increases, your apps performance doesn’t degrade. You must ensure that your app can handle sudden fluctuations in load without slowing down.
  • Network errors – Network errors are typically errors from service providers or HTTP errors faced by the app at the time of interfacing to a network service. Network errors can lead to slow response time and crashes.
  • API Latency – It is very common for today’s app to leverage several API’s or services. The general rule here is to optimize the response time to around 1 second.
  • Application Latency – Tracking only API Latencies is not enough, you also need end-to-end response time powering these API’s. Same general rule applies here i.e. to optimize response time around 1 second.  A data shows that anything over 4 seconds            of total response time majority of users will abandon the transaction and may even result in your app getting deleted.

Above points makes it clear what matrices should be taken care of for optimizing your app to perform best amongst others. We at HorizonCore have vast experience in creating a fully performance matrices loaded apps that have successfully proved of having best performance in the class. If you want an app that can stand out of the crowd and provide success to your name than you can contact us or drop us an inquiry and we will get back to you within a business day.

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