Magento: The Best CMS for E-Commerce Development

There is a wide range of CMSs for e-commerce development in a market. All of them are good as per their features & functionality. But Magento stands out of the crowd. Although we are working on many other platforms, CMSs, and frameworks for eCommerce development, Magento is a platform in which businesses are responding extraordinarily well.

It is very professional and uses by numerous eminent brands like Nike, Liverpool FC, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford, Honeywell. Not only this B2B eCommerce sites like 3M, Nobel Biocare, Honeywell are also using Magento.

See the below graph which shows the statistics of Magento interest in India.

So, these are the reasons why I think that a Magento really works well for businesses, no matter whether it is big or small.

easy Migration and technology upgrade:

If you already have an eCommerce application for your business and wanted to enter into the Magento world, the path is too smooth for you. It has awesome migration features. And if you wanted to upgrade your old application from Magento to Magento 2.0 it has a very efficient techniques to do that. Our developers at horizonCore are expert in Magento to Magento 2.0 migration.


You might wonder about the security and authentication facility for your eCommerce application, as financial transactions are the most important part of eCommerce. In such cases, ease of operation & security would be the motto of any of client. So, they can win the lead and convert it into the sell.

Magento provides the efficient payment gateway integrations with some easy steps. That reduces the time & money of a client.  Not only this in Magento third party application integration is a quite easy and efficient job! Magento is so popular that most of the application they have a module with a third party application for a shopping cart.

The Magento developers community:

Developers Community helps a developer in such situation where they stuck or need guidance during the development as well as they give updates to their members for every single change. It creates a great community bonding between the people from the same technical background.  Fortunately, Magento has a large, expert & strong developers community that increase the quality of development indeed.

Highly scalable:

Any framework or technology is not a full proof. To sustain in the current market they have to update with the latest features. And Magento has managed this very well. They come up with updates on a regular basis and not only that whenever required they throw updated versions with numerous updates & advanced grade facilities. There are so many extensions that can reduce programming effort.


Magento has built-in multi-store capabilities. So, as your business expands or your goals change you can easily diversify your single site or run multiple stores out of a single domain. Isn’t it amazing? No need to have a multiple domain & admin panels for your various businesses. And the best part is as mention above this is a built-in feature, that does not require much more effort to enable in your application if you have developed it into Magento.


By default, Magento has a lot of b2b features which are built into the system.  So that you can easily change your business or diversify into a different market, B2c to b2b, without making significant changes to the code.


marketing is a fuel for an eCommerce site and Magento is doing an excellent job or what businesses need to compete in the online search arena. Its codes are SEO friendly and easy to interpret. Not only that application that is developed in Magento is easy to manage as per the SEO perspective. That ranks them up in a digital marketing era.

Our experience:

HorizonCore has 10+ years of vast experience in Software, Web & Mobile Application development. Our experience as service providers we see that customers are really satisfied with this platform, which is really helping businesses achieve their goals. If you want to hire Magento developer from India, get a free quote from us.

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