Why Magento 2 Is The Best Choice To Develop Your eCommerce Website?

Every business has its own needs, and similarly, every eCommerce platform solution comes with unique benefits that’s what raises the need to make a wise choice. Most of the business owner wants to hire magento developer India because it is one of the most flexible options. After the success of Magento 1, the developers came up with Magento 2 which eliminates the shortcomings of Magento 1. In this article, we are explaining why Magento 2 is best from both a store owner and developer’s perspective.

1. From the perspective of the store owner

Magento 2 is flexible

The best thing about Magento 2 is its flexibility. It offers everything a store owner might need for a website. Order management, sales management, shipping management, and everything related to products and services can be easily achieved with Magento 2. Magento 2 is this highly usable because it is a full package for all your needs.

Helps you with SEO

Every website needs optimization, and yours must not be an exception. SEO brings customers to your site and help you have potential clients. With Magento 2, you don’t need to worry about SEO, because it optimizes your website to increase traffic.

Helps you in globalizing your website

When you are building your site with Magento 2, you need to stay bound to a single country. With the availability of multiple languages and currencies around the world, it is tough to trade outside the country. But, the functionality of Magento 2 supports currencies and languages of almost all nations, and this is why you need to go for it while building your eCommerce website.

Mobile friendly sites

Not everyone loves to browse through a laptop, and that’s why the need for mobile-friendly sites has increased in recent years. The availability of a responsive design layout on Magento 2, you can develop a user-friendly website in no time making it possible for your users to browse at their comfort.

2. From the perspective of a developer

It is an open source software

PHP is an open source programming language, and since Magento 2 has been developed in PHP, it is also an open source software. Here, you can use all the available templates, extensions, and modules. You can make the best use of every facility offered on the platform. You can consult and ask for training for something you are unable to do yourself on Magento 2.

Easy Integration

When you can easily integrate with other databases, it is easy to manage and store data and information. According to developers, Magento 2 is the best in this case because it lets you integrate with other major databases such as web and cloud services. You can even integrate with their party tools when your website is built on Magento 2.

Fast and compatible

Speed is one of the most critical requirements for both users and owners, and that’s why Magento 2 is your best bet. It is 20% faster than the previous version Magento 1, and this is what makes it favorite of a lot of people. Moreover, it is compatible with all the latest versions of PHP and some other significant databases too. You will find that it is compatible with MySQL, Hadoop, and Oracle.

Easy to use and secure

The javascript library of Magento 2 makes it more awesome by making the platform easy to use. When you create and use innovative functions and features, no jQuery and prototype problem occurs when with Magento because of availability of javascript library that works as a default jQuery library. The changes in Magento 1 made the new version Magento 2 more secure than earlier. The folders have reduced from 9 to 5, and the skin folder doesn’t exist anymore in the root directory. Some folders have been shifted to new directory, and that’s how the platform has been made secure. It is now challenging to steal information or hack.

Magento 2 is flexible

There are a number of component-based modules, and they make it possible for the users to go for the services they want and switch off others. This the flexibility has increased with these changes.


Magento 2 is thus the best platform to get your store registered and extend your business beyond limits. Ready to migrate your site to Magento 2 but have no clue? HorizonCore is here to help.

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