Laravel For Enterprise App Development – A Necessity or Just a Trend?

Nowadays, to stay competitive and surpass their contenders, every business is embracing the latest technologies. In this context, enterprises are preferring Laravel for their application development. These days, if an enterprise owns a web application, then it will automatically uplift its brand image and recognition. Not only that but also this makes you stand out from the dunces. At present, Laravel is one of the most auspicious and preferred choices of developers for web service development. This is because Laravel is an open-source PHP framework which follows MVC architecture. If you want to enjoy innumerable benefits of Laravel, you should hire Laravel developers to give a tough competition to your rivals.

The astounding popularity of Laravel has motivated many enterprises to build their websites on Laravel. A plethora of statistics also claimed that currently, more than one million websites are built on Laravel. GitHub also declared Laravel as one of the most powerful PHP frameworks. A company who is looking for an open-source framework or want to revamp its existing web services, with the help of Laravel they can achieve these things easily. So, Laravel is not just a trend rather it has become a necessity for enterprise app development.

 In this article, we will elaborate on this statement and will prove why Laravel has become the prime choice for enterprise app development.

    1. Artisan Command Line Interface (Artisan CLI): If you ask a developer which the best feature in Laravel is, then he will mention Artisan CLI. Artisan is the in-built tool for command line code generation in Laravel. With the help of it, the developers can get rid of all humdrum and tedious coding task. Now, by using Artisan, they can manage everything easily.
    2. Database migration: Even the most experienced and competent developers face challenges when they used to do database migration task. When you are dealing with enterprise app development, there is a possibility that you need to migrate the database. You can use the Laravel framework to accomplish this job as it permits you to expand the database structure without re-creating it. So, there will be a very less chance of missing important data. You can easily replace SQL with the PHP. Moreover, Laravel Schema Builder uplifts the speed of database creation and column insertion.
    3. The facility of unit testing: This is another important feature of Laravel which makes a huge difference while creating a web application. Very often, developers need to perform numerous tests in order to ensure that everything in the web applications function works properly. This framework encourages the developers to customize the code for unit testing. Only a few frameworks offer this kind of facility and Laravel is certainly one of them.
    4. A blade template engine: Laravel comes with many built-in templates which are light weighted, and you can use them to create compelling layouts. Laravel has many readymade widgets which possess JS and CSS code. Due to this feature, you can easily create an enterprise business application. Laravel owns a blade template engine. Due to this blade template, now, coding becomes much facile and easier than before.
    5. Supports object-oriented libraries: This is another prime feature which makes Laravel superior to other PHP frameworks. Laravel framework supports object-oriented libraries. Apart from that, Laravel has many built-in libraries (more than 20) and that’s why Laravel is one of the most versatile frameworks. Now you don’t need to write code and functions every time when you are dealing with enterprise application development.
    6. High standards security: When you want to develop an enterprise web application, security should be your prime concern. Laravel provides the highest level of security by implementing hashed and salted passwords. This means no password will save in Laravel as simple text. By using bcrypt hashing algorithm, you can generate an encrypted password.
    7. Great community support: Laravel is very popular among developers and that’s why it has a great community of developers. This community will give you support and guidance if you face any problem during your enterprise app development process.Hope, from the above article you have understood that Laravel is not only a trend rather it has become a necessity for the enterprises who want to develop a compelling web application. Laravel is a great PHP framework for those who want to become the monarch in this competitive era.Are you looking for a company who will help you in your Laravel enterprise app development process? Then, you should get in touch with HorizonCore. HorizonCore is a promising web development company which has in-depth and competence knowledge in Laravel development. Our developers are expertise in Laravel web application development, extension, theme design, 3rd party integration, migration solution and many more. So, you can hire Laravel developers from our company for your enterprise app development project. By visiting the website, you can know some more about our works and services.


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