Is Laravel a Rightful Choice for Large-Scale Web Application Development?

By seeing the unparalleled popularity of Laravel, many enterprises adopted this framework for building their web applications. But very often, a certain question is dawdling in their mind whether Laravel is suitable enough for building up large-scale application development or not? But before entering this question, let’s take a look at what is the definition of a large-scale enterprise app? Most of the experts believe that large enterprise apps should be defined by the number of lines of code. The range of big enterprise apps is broader and bigger and very often, these apps can be defined based on dependencies, security and traffic.

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But what makes Laravel ideal for large-scale app development?

Laravel possesses many unique features and functions and that’s why it has become a popular choice for the large-scale enterprise app development. If you compare Laravel with other PHP frameworks, Laravel satisfactorily qualifies for large-scale app development and that’s why it has become hugely popular among the developers.

What are the features of Laravel which make it an ideal choice for large-scale enterprise app development?

  1. Service Container: Indubitably, Laravel is a powerful tool. That’s why it can easily manage class dependencies and executes dependency injection.
  2. Queues: The processing of a task usually delays because of the queues in Laravel. This is truly time-consuming, until a later decided time. Laravel queues offer a centralised API over several queue backends and also a relational database.
  3. Events: By using Laravel events, now you can simply implement an observer. This will help you know and subscribe to any event which is occurring in your application.

Laravel has some other characteristics.

  1. User-friendliness: Laravel is one of the most user-friendly PHP frameworks and you can easily use it for your development.
  2. Scalable: Laravel is a highly scalable framework which means you can increase the scalability as your requirements enhance.

Very often, you need to deal with the domain problem of the app. But the issue associated with this framework is of least concern. A poorly written code is wrong and not acceptable irrespective of which framework you are using.

Laravel is highly capable of building large-scale enterprise apps with a count per week of millions of views. There are several factors by which you can secure this.

  1. Firstly, it is very imperative for you to use a great cache or session driver like Redis or Memcached if you are planning to build up a large-scale web application.
  2. Secondly, it would be a prudent decision for you if you use a load balancer. The most astounding thing about any framework which is based on PHP is that deploying, and scaling become apparent. With Laravel, it is mandatory for you to apply config: cache, route: cache. Additionally, you must ensure that you are working on composer dump-autoload-optimize.
  3. Finally, you should separate your database from your web server. When you want to scale, this thing is handy and facile. You can simply add it to another server.

Many people prefer CloudFlare for caching. But it is very important for you to understand the rules when items expire so that you can keep the cache clear. It is also necessary to check the expires headers. Because this is neither Laravel’s nor Cloudflare’s problem.

If you want to build up a develop large-scale applications, instead of focusing what type of framework you are using, you should focus on other things like, DevOps things, unique application logic, caching mechanism, database, etc. Therefore, don’t think whether Laravel is ideal for large-scale applications or not, you should check whether your code is right enough.

Hope, this article gave you enough knowledge about why Laravel is a rightful choice for large-scale web applications.

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