How to increase revenue with mobile apps

With the growth, in the usage of smartphones, ways of customers using the services of business and functionalities have changed dramatically. The main reason behind this is that, mobile app facilitate a plethora of things for users and that it also performs a lot of tasks using a few clicks. There is no doubt that the popularity of smartphones and app used on them are enhancing at an exponential pace. Hence, business owners worldwide are now indulging in mobile app development to tap into higher revenues and provide their customers with better services.

Can Mobile apps increase your revenue?

Statistics show that the mobile app market is not going to slow down anytime soon in the future. It is anticipated that by 2020, mobile apps will generate more than 190 million USD through app stores and in-app advertising.

Having an easy yet creative and feature-rich mobile app, will allow customers to interact easily with a company.

Every New Year brings a lot of new opportunities with it, and 2017 is also the same. Owing to the rising popularity and usage of the mobile apps, it is expected that the mobile app market is not going to slow down anytime soon in the future.

As per a recent study, it has been anticipated that by 2020, mobile apps would be able to generate approx. 190 million USD through app stores and in-app advertising. The revenue generated by the mobile apps for their companies would be much higher than this amount.

Having an easy to use, creative and feature-rich mobile app which allows the target customers to interact easily with a company may also increase your revenue. Moreover, by indulging in the mobile app development, a business opens various avenues to engage with its customers. By leveraging the advanced technology, the companies can develop contemporary apps and provide the smartphone users updated & latest offers, enable them to shop easily, book tickets, pay for services and much more. Today, the customers demand every service and product on their fingertips, and if a business fails to provide them with the services they need, it may very soon see a considerable decline in the number of the customers.

Top Benefits Of Mobile App Development for Business Growth in 2017

In the past few years, we have witnessed colossal growth in the mobile app development for all the top mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and much more. More than the marketing tools, the apps developed by businesses have become catalysts which help in boosting the growth and revenue of the businesses.
Indeed, the mobile app development is a flourishing field and a great tool for the companies that want to gain a competitive advantage over their counterparts.
Following are the major ways in which the mobile application development will help the companies increase their revenue while boosting their overall growth in 2017.

By Engaging Old Clients and Bringing New Customers

One of the most crucial aspects behind the high revenues of any business is how they keep their old clients engaged and bring the new customers. Retaining all the old customers will ensure that your revenue does not decrease while new customers help to increase it further. With the extended reach of the smartphones and the mobile apps, a business can grow its customer base.
By posting amazing deals on the mobile app, the businesses can ensure that their existing clients stay loyal, while they keep on attracting the new clients. Also, publishing lucrative advertisements on the mobile apps and by sending the push notifications to the users, you can indulge in a business brand building.

By Building Inimitable Revenue Opportunities

With the help of a feature-rich and user-friendly mobile app, you can enhance your sales directly. For instance, you can launch an eCommerce based app, wherein you can set up a mobile store and ask your customers to purchase the products from it. The mobile stores do not face the geographical barriers like their “brick & mortar” counterparts, and thus allow you to enhance your reach significantly. eCommerce apps ensure easier access to your products and allow people to shop whenever they feel convenient. His is not possible with physical stores, which operate for a specific number of hours each day.

Engage Your Audience

While the mobile application is one of the best ways to enhance your sales, but another way in which mobile app development can increase your revenue is by engaging your audience. The benefits of audience engagement are not tangible but are amongst the most solids ways to ensuring that your customers stay loyal to you. Use your mobile app to provide useful information to your customers, help them by suggesting the best solutions to the common problems through your products and services, and above all, create a system to reward your customers for their interaction with your company. This would certainly help you gain an edge over your competitors.

These days, no other electronic gadget is being used as much as people are using the smartphones. The worldwide statistics exhibit that the mobile app development has benefited several companies to augment their clientele and enhance their revenues. If you are also planning to get a mobile app for your business, which you can use to attract the customers and enhance your reach, you can contact HorizonCore, which offers exceptional mobile app development services. Whether you need native mobile applications or a cross-platform app, we provide the best-in-class development services ideally suiting your custom requirements. We possess a team of seasoned developers who have developed immense expertise in creating highly comprehensive, feature rich and functional mobile apps.

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