Important Details to Ask Before You Hire Dedicated React js Developers

Some of leading brands like Instagram, Facebook & Google are influenced by React. Isn’t it interesting?

When you want to develop a large web application that can change over time with changing data, think to React! It is an open-source JavaScript library. The architecture of React JS is component based; hence it enhances the flexibility of development tremendously.

And this has made a trend to hire react developers  & achieved massive success. But wait…  here are some important details that you should know before you hire dedicated React programmers.

Less seasoned professionals

It is hard to find a well-experienced React developer who can solve your major tasks independently, most of the programmers working with React are the trainee or having basic knowledge of the same environment. But this is not a serious issue for you, just understand your project’s clear requirements. So, you can manage your resources properly & this will leads you to a better performance as well.

Need is higher than supply

Considering the survey reported in thenewstack, we conclude that React developers are high in demand now a days, but as mentioned in earlier point availability of seasoned React developer is less. As shown in below graph, 33% of employers need React skills, but only 19% of developers said they had known React. Of course, these figures will surely change by the time but, till then if you need an excel React developer put some extra efforts to find them. If you want to hire React js developer from India.

Lack of Stability

Software development specialists often overestimate their abilities and competence. Fortunately, if you win to find an expert developer it is hard to make them work on your project for a long period of time, After a few weeks, your “ninja” developer will just leave to search for another perfect position. To avoid this, hire dedicated developers from an authentic outsourcing partner that can avail you the perfect alternative. HorizonCore is an offshore outsourcing unit, providing best hire React developers service in India.

React is a simple & lightweight library. It is compatible with MVC architecture and dealing with only View layer in it. React is not that much of tough language, any javascript developer is able to understand the basics of React and could develop an awesome web application. So, once again mind above-mentioned details before you hire dedicated React js developers. We are happy to help you. Contact us for your customized need or ask for a free quote.

Reference: thenewstack, upwork, artjoker

Niyanta Bhatt

Web Analyst cum IT Support at HorizonCore InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd.

An analyst by nature and passionate about learning and developing new stuff in new technologies. Worked across SDLC including requirement gathering, analysis & implementation of ERP. Dealing with DevOps and always ready for the innovative task.

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