Hiring Dedicated yii Developer? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Sometimes we have a lot of options, but we are still unable to find the right product or services. Why does this? A lot of people make mistakes in choosing the freelancers to do the job and they end up with wasting time and money without achieving the goal they’ve set.

As shown in below graph from the last 12 month though we have introduced to so many other new open source frameworks YII is still on trend. So, development with YII is undoubtedly a wise choice.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that people do while hiring YII developer. If you want to hire YII developer then avoid these 5 mistakes for sure!

1.Hiring someone inexperienced

In the market there are so many YII developers are available for freelancing their work. It is a tough task for you to select best one. To pick right one there should be a shortlisting process and it must meet the minimum experience depends on the scope of your project. The experienced person will be more beneficial for you, they could be more in price but worth for quality product development. Simply hire, people with experience guarantee you reliability.

2.Expecting a teamwork from a single developer

Must understand the capability of a single person. Study your need and hire the person or a team accordingly. Sometimes we hire a person and ask for a performance like a team, that is completely unacceptable. As far as YII development concern it is a smart OOP framework and of course, you can get expected outcome with a proper management. But make sure that resources you have hired for the project are enough. You can also conduct a demo test and always follow the timeframe & deadlines for development.

3.Code Reuse

Never allow reusing a code for your application. Ask the developer to make a fresh new code. Don’t compromise with it. This might take some more time to develop but I can assure you that it will surely decrease the possibilities of changes and correction in a project. Hence you will be in a win-win condition as you will save time and money and the same time you will get your own customized application.

4.Development is not just everything

Bypassing QA and Testing is the biggest mistake done by the most of the people. There is an important role of testing in any of development process. It must be performed in a very specific manner. For any reliable product or application, you just need a valid testing algorithm. That check all the possibilities of bug or error to be generated. For that must go with an authentic agency or hire a Profesional for it.

5.No Scope of Maintenance

Don’t be so dependent on a single person or agency for a smooth operation of your project. Building a project is not just creating and deploying, a lot of people ignore this last phase of the SDLC, a maintenance phase. When you create a new application you need to maintain this for the next few years. For that not only the code should be clean and easy to understand it should be even easy to manage. If you reassign your project to another developer in any of situation it should be easily managed and should not affect the current process flow.


Outsourcing your YII development project is a wise decision but for that, you need to be a very care full about the selection process. Avoid above mentioned mistakes and stay stress free. For a better development experience, you can hire a dedicated YII developer from HorizonCore. Our dedicated developer removes the limitation of time zone and works according to your preference. Apart from web development, we have expertise in several domains like cloud consulting, IOT, solution architecture. We serve all over the world in all the industries. To Know more about the possibilities by dropping us an email or get a free quote.

Pinakin Soni

Travel Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | CTO at HorizonCore InfoSoft Pvt Ltd | (Cloud, IoT Strategy & Blockchain Consultant)

A senior technology professional with over 13 years of experience in Enterprise Architecture, Strategic Planning, IT Program and Project Delivery. Expertise in architecting and implementing large-scale business transformation projects that are multi-tiered and cross-functional with proven results.

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