Hiring Dedicated Magento Programmers? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

In today’s edge, offshore development has turned out to be a common practice in many organizations as it is easy to manage & less in expenses.

Magento is a widely used open source CMS. Web applications, E-commerce applications are easy to develop & maintain into it. And that is the reason why people used to outsource their Magento development projects frequently. It could be considered the best CMS for e-commerce development. If you wish to hire Magento programmers from India, contact us for any Magento development project.

But mind some important things before hiring dedicated Magento developers, as it will directly affect your business processes. hire Magento developer is a tricky task but to avoid any big fumble & other risks I would suggest you, avoid the bellow mentioned mistakes.

1.Understanding the requirements:

Hire such a developer or programmer who can understand you’re as well as the end user’s requirement. Because no matter how much they are good at programming if a developer fails in understanding the requirement it would be the terrific partnership. One of the major mistakes that companies and people commit in process of Web application development is that they overlook that they are eventually going to work for the end user.

It least matter how extensive and advanced coding techniques may it is if an application fails to satisfy the requests and prospects of the people in the process of offshore development it is practically useless.

2.Expecting the Impossible

People who are comparatively novice to the era of software development or are less acquainted with offshore software outsourcing company, frequently start projects that assure the impossible goals and are not achievable. If you need a program that satisfies your prospects, you need to take the sufficient time to get the detail and clarify what are those prospects. It is analyzed that your share in scheduling and testing particular software is openly connected with how fine the finished software product will contest your prospects.

Take the sufficient time to develop a comprehensive plan carefully, you fail to employ a proficient offshore software developer and suppose things to mysteriously work as you aim. This is the reason you must offer the offshore dedicated developers the essential tools as well as supervision at the appropriate time and even in the correct way.

3.Not Sharing data with the Programmer:

Any offshore programmers have the capability to interpret a project description, and even own skills to interpret that in an astonishingly big number of ways. Chiefly in the initial phases of a project, such modifications in understanding the scope of the project can direct to misperception and disorder, with the project initiating out in a completely diverse direction as compared to what you had planned.

This is the reason behind importance to share the visualization with the software programmer and assure that he really understands what you are attempting to achieve. Usually, in offshore software outsourcing company people deliberate their projects with the designated programmer and undertake that if he doesn’t raise doubts about a specific constituent of the project, it should be understood well, this can be a mistake.

4.less investment in Planning:

Whenever any software development project begins in form of outsourcing, it is much simpler to get trapped in the exhilaration and expectation of the new software program that is about to be initiated in development. It is recommended to be careful that this enthusiasm doesn’t direct to unjustified hopefulness that can make you overlook the prominence of planning and inspire you to thoughtlessly over the early stages of the project. Hence, needless shortcuts adopted in offshore development services without concentrating on its future impacts can prove to be a major mistake.

5.Not Hiring Magento Certified Developers:

There are so many resources are available in the market to hire, but always insist to hire certified ones. HorizonCore has 10+ years of vast experience in Software, Web & Mobile Application development. Our experience as service providers we see that customers are really satisfied with this platform, which is really helping businesses achieve their goals.

If you want to hire dedicated Magento developer from India, We have a pool of Magento Certified Developers. get a free quote from us.

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