How to hire a Magento development team and expand it

Magento is one of the most applauded platforms for e-commerce website development. Nowadays, internet marketers are adopting this leading platform because they believe it helps them in creating a full-featured online store that can easily allure customers. But for this, you need to hire Magento developer India who has a chunk of experience in this field and possesses the right technical skills.

Finding the right Magento development company is not a facile job for you. You need to evaluate certain things before employing a Magento development team for your e-commerce project. Here, we are mentioning some questions that you should ask them before hiring for the project.

1. Ask about their experiences in Magento development: Experience is always a game changer, so ask how old are they in this field before hiring a Magento development company. You should take a look at their previous work profiles to understand their technical skills, capabilities of the developers, and their execution process for the project. Because an experienced and the deft company can easily handle all the hurdles, challenges, and troubles that they faced in the development process and can execute the project in a hassle-free way.

2. Do they have proper resources?: You must check whether your selected Magento development company is well-equipped with the resources or not. A proper Magento development company comprises a team of dexterous Magento developers, designers, and testers. Moreover, they also assign a project manager who is responsible for the proper execution and the development process. Also, ask them whether they have backup resources or not. Because if a developer left the job, an experienced company instantly reassign another skilful developer who will manage the project so that the client will get an on-time delivery. Check all these parameters carefully to ensure that your project is in the right hands.

3. Quality: Are you planning to build a successful Magento E-commerce store? Then, don’t forget to check the quality of the development company. Try to hire those companies who have either CMMi certification or have ISO 9001 certification. If a Magento development company holds quality certification from a recognized body, you will get a chunk of benefits. Some of them are
1. High-quality Magento solutions
2. Consistency and stability of the project
3. Incessant assessment and development
4. Lower costs
5. A shorter development cycle and on time delivery
6. Improve planning, communication, and execution

4. Check their communication process: Effective communication is a key factor for the success of a development project. So, check the communication of the development company before hiring them for your dream projects. Check how frequently they reply to the email or what chat software tools (like Skype or any other audio video tool) they are using to make continuous communication with their clients. Also make sure the development company is well-equipped in terms of infrastructure like a power back up, high-speed internet, and phone connections so that there will never be a chance of communication breakdown. Since English is a globally recognized language, so make sure all the development team members including your Magento developer are fluent in English.

5. Post-deployment support: This is another important one that you should consider before hiring a development team. Since Magento is a complex platform, you need to resolve the bugs and other issues quickly so that your customers don’t get affected by any technical issue of your e-commerce site. Post-development support is needed for some reasons and they are,
1. It improves the performance and efficiency of your e-commerce solutions
2. Can add new features and functionalities as per the demand of the customers
3. Integrates third-party extensions

So, hire a Magento development company which provides robust customer support(24X7) along with post-deployment support.

These are some parameters that you need to consider before hiring or expanding a Magento development team for your e-commerce project.

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