Some fruitful tips to enhance your e-commerce business revenue

The popularity of e-commerce business is simply thriving over the past few years. Since popularity is huge, the competition is also enormous. That’s why e-commerce vendors are adopting new strategies so that they can stand out from the crowd and can uplift their business revenue. But before elevating your e-commerce business revenue, you need to build a compelling e-commerce store for your business. For this, you should hire a dedicated Magento developer who will help you in building an eye-catching and functional e-commerce store.

Here are some fruitful tips which will help you in enhancing your e-commerce business revenue in 2019.

1. Use display icons and add security badges: If you want to earn a chunk of money from your e-commerce business, first, you need to earn the trust of your customers. One of the easiest ways by which you can earn the loyalty of your customers is to incorporate display icons and security badges into your e-commerce site. These display icons and security badges will help you to stand out from dunce and non-professional vendors. Your customers will believe in your education, skills, qualification, and experience. Once your customers have started believing you, they will stay loyal to you forever. Moreover, these will also depict your commitment to professional excellence. Not only that but you also need to make a proper and succinct description of your products. Don’t forget to use subheadings, bullets, readable fonts, and spaces to enhance readability for your customers.

2. Use videos to showcase your products: Though you can create magic on your customers by using words and images, the impact that single video content will make in the market is simply astounding. According to Wyzowl, 63 per cent of online businesses are using videos to grab the attention of the customers. This is because a customer may forget the words or images, but the video content will remain on his mind for a long time. A plethora of studies have also claimed that more than 80% of customers usually watch a live video of a brand before purchasing it. If you want to boost your sales volume, you need to make a detailed description of your products. An eye-catching video will be a good idea for this purpose. You can either make a promotional video or review video or even you can make a video which comprises your best products. Though this is a time-consuming and costly process, at first, you should try to make a short video with your three or four best products.

3. Follow up your customers: Acquiring new customers can be a tricky job, but by nurturing your existing ones, you can still earn a great profit. You should create an automated email system which will help you to stay connected with your customers. With this system, you can send them about new products, upcoming promotions, offers, discounts, etc. This will also build loyalty and strengthens your relationship with your customers.

4. Optimize your site: If your site is optimized, it will help you to get a plethora of web traffic along with good revenue. A proper site optimization will also help you to convert your prospective leads into confirmed buyers. First, you need to check whether your e-commerce store is mobile-friendly or not. Since smartphones and the internet have penetrated at all levels, now, customers are using their mobile devices for checking or purchasing products. If your site is not mobile-friendly, your contenders will definitely conquer you. These days, customers only check the top listing companies of a search engine result page. If your business doesn’t appear in the top positions of local search results, you will lose the competition. So, make sure your business appears in the top lists in local search results.

5. Post testimonials: testimonials are the best way to create trust and credibility. You should try to post many testimonials which will show what you have achieved and how much capacity you have. Ask your happy customers for testimonials. But don’t create fake testimonials as this will tarnish your brand’s reputation in the market.

These are the top 5 tips which will help you to enhance your revenue from your e-commerce business.

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