A Detailed Checklist to Verify your Laravel 5 Restful API

Laravel has inscribed its name as one of the most utilized and appreciated open source PHP web frameworks in the field of web development. Laravel has a wide range of community developers who always provide immense support and trying to invent new things to make web development better and advanced. Many web companies are trying to enrol the best Laravel developers India in their core team so that they can stay ahead in the competition.

Developing a RESTful API using Laravel is not at all an arduous job. But the developers should be very careful during the development process to elude critical flaws at the runtime. In this article, we are going to mention a detailed checklist by which you can avoid errors during the creation of RESTful API using Laravel.

  1. Follow some basic steps before starting the process: Now, suppose you are working on a local windows environment, then XAMPP and composer should be installed properly to work in a hassle-free way. Because this will assist in the running of Apache and MySQL quickly and promptly. Now, this is a basic step which you need to ensure before starting anything. Apart from XAMPP, tools like Sublime-Text and handy plugins should also be installed properly because they are responsible for enhancing the pace of your development. By taking help from reliable resources like GitHub, you can create your own repositories. The basic steps are different when you are using a Linux platform.
  2. Make the components and framework of your API without any error: before creating API, you need to ensure that all models are defined properly. These models should be defined correctly without any missing relations that link each other. The functioning of corresponding tables in the database is a prime factor that helps your components and framework work properly. In order to avoid errors, you should exploit relative functions in PHP artisan. You should check Laravel seeders that are automatically inserting data in the database without making an error or flaw. REST routes that are created with artisan commands play an imperative role in the working of API. Thus, you need to make sure that it doesn’t make any possible error. For this, you should only keep the essential or required methods which can control your entire API structure.
  3. Always be certain with all CRUD method: CRUD methods comprise functions which you need to implement in all your API operations. In the third step, you need to check all indexes, Marker controllers, and nested functions. Because this will help your resource controllers to give your desired result which you want to display. All previously generated issues with CSRF middleware should be fixed (either by fully or by partially for the time being). Markers should be incorporated into the database with proper definitions. Request controllers should also validate data correctly. There should be a destroy method which will delete or remove unwanted data from the database. You need to create this without having no flaw in it.
  4. Need to check the security aspects: In terms of security, your RESTful
    Laravel API should be the best. For this, you should verify all methods that you have developed like storing and deleting by implementing auth and middleware. If required, you should analyse it code by code to identify the errors. Most of the professional and experienced Laravel developers usually work in reputed firms where they usually create CSRF to hack their own API in order to avoid every security vulnerability. Along with this, some Laravel developers also create separate handlers where they can process instant requests as well as unnecessary errors. If you want that your RESTful Laravel API work extremely well, then you should cross check every minute thing vigorously and passionately.

    Hope, the above article gave you the detailed checklist regarding how to verify your Laravel 5 RESTful API.

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