Compelling Reasons Behind the Popularity of NodeJS in Web Application Development

JavaScript is one of the most common and popular software development technology which is highly appreciated by the start-ups as well as established enterprises. Earlier, JavaScript was employed only for front-end development, but, now this amazing platform is considered one of the preferring tools for both front-end and cross-platform mobile app development. NodeJS is a well-known cross-platform which is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. This is an open-source platform which offers an event-driven architecture. Companies are using this platform in order to build real-time applications and sites which have a large number of users.

Companies are adopting NodeJS as they believe that it reduces the time to market for apps. This rapid development encourages agility and labour cost reduction. All these things are helping companies to accustom to the fast-changing commercial landscape of today’s time. The prime features of NodeJS like reduced time-to-market, high agility, APIs, support for mobile app, dynamic NodeJS web apps, etc. has made this one of the popular platforms in the field of app development. You can hire NodeJS developers at reasonable prices if you want to build a compelling web application.

But before that, let’s check out some of the reasons behind the unparalleled popularity of NodeJS in web application development.

  1. Encourages fast development: By using NodeJS, you can develop fast and scalable network applications because the JavaScript execution is very fast. Moreover, the single threaded model with event loop is very helpful in handling multiple requests from the clients. This is the main reason behind the popularity of Node.js for web applications. Since the event loop is already present in Node.js, you don’t need to create more threads even when the applications receive simultaneous client requests.
  2. Ideal for real-time applications: If you want to create real-time applications like chat or gaming apps, NodeJS would be your ideal choice. The synchronization process is very quick and well-organized as events drive the architecture which serves both the client as well as the server side. NodeJS is written on JavaScript, thus, it works well in TCP and simultaneously, it avoids HTTP overload.
  3. Data synchronization: Since NodeJS is written on JavaScript, hence the data transfer between the client and server happens very fast and quickly.
  4. Sharing is encouraged: This is very good to share packages of library code. If your NodeJS developer has faced any problem during the app development, The Node Package Manager (NPM), with its repository of 50,000 packages, helps your developer to solve the issue. Therefore, updating, sharing and reusing of code have become easier and simpler.
  5. Improves development speed: Since NodeJS is a light-weighted platform and comes with a plethora of tools, it improves the development speed of the application. If you want to create more value with less effort, then use various libraries and the fruitful solutions which are provided by the NPM registry. Because of reusable templates, you can easily reduce the size of your application and cut down the bugs. The language consistency on the client and server side also manages data timing perfectly and makes the process less time-consuming.
  6. Low learning curve: Both the client and the server side can share the same language which means there will be only one team for both the sides. NodeJS requires fewer developers and there is no need to switch between front-end and back-end. NodeJS always encourages higher productivity. Moreover, the ability to share or reprocess the code within the team members offers a smooth exchange of knowledge between all. In this type of JavaScript application, fewer codes and flies are required.
  7. Scalable: Since it is a lean technology tool, hence this is ideal for microservices architecture. This platform also ensures better flexibility. These days, start-ups are trying to proliferate their growth rapidly, they might get benefited with the scalability of NodeJS. The app logic is broken into smaller modules which means the efficient developers can easily add more modules to the existing ones. Node apps give support to both the horizontal and vertical scaling.
  8. Community friendly: NodeJS has a wider range of community developers who used to deliver various modules. And, this is another prime reason behind the astounding popularity of NodeJS. is one of the most popular modules which can easily deal with the constant communication between the server and the client. This module allows the server to send updates to the clients in real-time.These are some prime features which make NodeJS immense popular in the field of web application development. NodeJS truly surpasses other Java and Dot Net platforms, especially in the real-time applications.If you want to empower your business with a dynamic and powerful NodeJS web application, you should hire NodeJS developers from a reputed company like HorizonCore.HorizonCore is a leading NodeJS development company which helps you to build functional and eye-catching web applications by using NodeJS. The company is flooded with many deft NodeJS developers who have in-depth knowledge and skills in NodeJS development.

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