Compelling Benefits of ReactJS and Why Should You Choose it for your Next Project

These days, the markets are crammed with a chunk of libraries and frameworks and that’s why it has become an ambiguous job for you to choose the right framework for your project. But if you want to take your business to the next level, you should wisely choose the most suitable framework for your business. React is one of the most popular front-end libraries and it has gained immense popularity among developers as well as the business owners due to its amazing features. You can even hire ReactJS developers if you want to establish your presence firmly.

But why should you choose ReactJS? Or what are the benefits of ReactJS? Before answering these questions, let’s take a look at What is ReactJS?

ReactJS: ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library which is maintained by Facebook along with a wide range of developer community. This library is primarily used in developing the user interface for web applications.

Benefits of ReactJS

  1. Comfort and speed: A ReactJS development team can easily write every individual part of an app on the server and the client as per requirement. Even if they made any change in design, they don’t need to rewrite all the logic again. That’s why ReactJS is quite comfortable for the developers and it also encourages fast development.
  2. Responsive web development: React works perfectly well with web apps. You just need to optimize the regular functions in order to load the relevant data. Most of the users prefer those apps which load quickly and possess eye-catching designs.
  3. Minimal risk: React is a non-risky framework which means if you want to utilize the library, you can do it comfortably as the decision of combining with this environment won’t affect you. You can easily mix React into your current projects. This framework supports a wide range of codebases. So, it can be concluded that the risk with React is minimal.
  4. Usability: If you have adequate experience and knowledge of JavaScript, you can easily deploy ReactJS without taking much time. A developer who is deft and experienced can grasp this framework within one or two days. This means ReactJS is easy to learn and deploy.
  5. SEO: When you are planning to launch a website for your business, you should keep your focus on SEO because it will enhance the visibility and mileage of your website. But, most of the JavaScript apps don’t support SEO because all the internal data is loaded dynamically. But unlike other JavaScript frameworks, ReactJS utilizes virtual DOM to render data like an entire web page.
  6. Mobile app development: Mobile apps are always on high priority by the entrepreneurs. By using this framework, now you can make amazing native apps for both Android and iOS platform.
  7. Easy to test: This framework comes with a responsive library. ReactJS also embraces the developers with a plethora of native tools for debugging and testing the codes.
  8. Extend your tools and capabilities: If you made a project on ReactJS, then as a developer, you can write both on JavaScript and modem JSX. Now, you can insert HTML in code which opens up a wide chance for innovation and also enhances the productivity.
  9. Always up to date: ReactJS is supported by Facebook developers. They always try to improve this framework by introducing new technologies. The community members are very supportive. So, you can take help and assistance from them if you face any complexity during the development.

These are some awesome benefits of ReactJS which make it separate from other JavaScript frameworks.

Why should you choose ReactJS for your next web project?

 All the developers should use ReactJS in 2019 because this framework comes with a myriad of features which make their lives easy and comfortable.

  1. Data binding and code usability: ReactJS supports code reusability and by using this framework, you can develop an Android web app also. ReactJS utilizes one side data binding and flux which control usually data flow from a single point. This is a very useful feature for web app development and developers also get a lot of benefits from this.
  2. Easy to learn: When compared with other JavaScript frameworks, ReactJS is quite simple, flexible, and straightforward. A developer can easily understand and use it without any hassle.
  3. Testing and functionalities: By using ReactJS framework, a developer can browse ecmascript6 modules which define reliance and can also utilize it with Babel, reacts-di, etc. You can easily test all these and all of them can be treated as the present state’s function. Even you can monitor them from the triggered functions, output, events, etc.
  4. Virtual DOM: React introduces a layer of the Virtual DOM between the user layer and actual DOM. The Virtual DOM is basically a virtual representation of the DOM which stays in memory rather than the user’s screen. An algorithm usually monitors all the changes that are made on the virtual DOM and decides which changes must make it to the real DOM as well as the user’s screen. This virtual DOM consumes all the changes to the DOM and keeps them in memory.

Hope, this article has convinced you regarding the uniqueness of ReactJS. If you want to build an SEO-friendly and eye-catching application, then ReactJS could be your right framework.

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