Build Faster, Dynamic Version of Web Application with Laravel Framework

Nowadays, due to the advancement of technology, every day a plethora of websites are developed, but only a few of them get appreciation and traffic. This is because the users are preferring those websites which possess good navigation, outstanding features and most importantly, have an aesthetically beautiful design. PHP frameworks are the best if you want to develop amazing websites and applications. Among all PHP framework, Laravel is truly the best and ideal for effective agile web development. You can also hire Laravel developers India to build simple yet elegant web applications for your business.

What is Laravel?

 Laravel is a highly flexible and open-source PHP framework with 51192 stars on Github. This framework possesses plenty of useful features and helps the developers in building online applications and websites. By using this framework, now you can make dynamic web applications quickly and effortlessly.

Why Laravel is so popular and how it manages all the things that are needed to develop dynamic web applications? Let’s disinter it.

  1. Light-weight templates: Because of the inclusion of dynamic content seeding, Laravel possesses light-weight templates. By using these templates, you can easily build up simple and elegant web applications for your business. Laravel also comes up with a wide range of widgets with solid structured CSS and JSS.
  2. Built-in tools: Most of the frameworks have their own built-in tools and Laravel follows the same trend. Laravel possesses many built-in tools which improve and streamline all common tasks. Imperative functions like authentication, routing and catching and many more things are built into this framework. All these built-in tools make developers life easier and comfortable.
  3. Lean Development: This is one of the prime benefits of Laravel that makes it the most popular among all PHP frameworks. Lumen (a micro-frame) follows the same principle of Laravel but it encourages more on lean development. Lumen has many integrated features and thus, it helps you to migrate to Laravel’s full framework by simply copying the code.
  4. Supports MVC architecture: Laravel PHP framework uses the MVC architectural pattern to separate and handle specific development aspects of any application built. This structure improves the performance of the application and also helps efficient developers to write clean and legible codes for better documentation.
  5. Artisan: Laravel framework comes with a built-in tool name as Artisan. By using a command line, a developer needs to interact with the Laravel framework. This command line basically creates and handles the Laravel project environment. Laravel embraces its developers with a built-in tool for command-line known as Artisan. By using this tool, now the developers can perform all those repetitive and time-consuming programming tasks happily which they used to avoid earlier. Because at that time, they need to perform all those tedious jobs manually.
  6. Testing: When you need to test the application, Laravel automatically provides the unit test for the application. A unit testing basically contains tests which detect and prevent regressions in the framework. In Laravel application, you can easily integrate PHP unit (such as a testing framework). Moreover, in Laravel, unit tests can easily be run through the provided artisan command-line utility.
  7. Security: It is true that no application is 100% secured in these days. This is because the security feature depends on how the developer creates a web application. But when you compare Laravel with other frameworks in terms of security, this framework will certainly score better marks. Laravel uses an encrypted password and Bcrypt hashing algorithm to enhance the security of your application. Laravel provides nine security features and they are,
  • Passwords Reminders and Rest
  • Encryption
  • Manually Logging
  • Users authentication
  • Protecting Routes
  • HTTP Basic Authentications
  • Authentication Drivers
  • Configuration
  • Storing Passwords

These are some reasons for the popularity of Laravel. Though you can use Laravel to create faster and dynamic web applications, like any other things, this framework also has some downsides. When you are planning to build a web application using Laravel, you should consider these downsides before making the final decision.

Cons of Laravel 

  1. Laravel is slower than other frameworks because this framework possesses many built-in tools. Laravel is slower than CodeIgniter, Lumen, and Phalcon.
  2. Laravel is not at all ideal for real-time web applications. This is not the fault of Laravel actually most of the PHP frameworks are not suitable for real-time web applications. If you want to create real-time applications, you should go for much better alternatives like Node, Go, Erlang etc.
  3. Since Laravel is a PHP framework, hence it is one of the poorly designed languages. Laravel is pretty slower than its compiled counterparts.

Though Laravel has these cons, still, many companies are using this framework in order to build faster, impressive, and dynamic web applications. Some top-notch companies that are using Laravel are Fox47news, Invicta watch, etc.

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