Blogging with E-Commerce

E-commerce is more than just a word now, everyone (technical or non-technical) has heard the term and knows its meaning. This also means that this field has now become a playground to massive heads. That clearly implies more effort is needed if you want to make a stand in E-commerce as per current market.

First and foremost thing needed for any e-commerce site is traffic, and the best way to get the traffic is by paid marketing or you can say digital marketing. Now it will be quite logical if most people don’t go for this option as who will want to invest a huge sum before earning anything also it is not sure that you will get how much traffic you will acquire through that.

People will surely opt for a way that is free or at least cheap as compared to digital marketing. That way is an e-commerce blog; it is also tempting to use a blog for traffic generation as it is possibly the only way to generate direct sales.

Blogging is an amazing way to build your audience and generate more traffic and sales for your business.  You need not do blogging continuously, even infrequent but relevant blog article can generate you traffic.

It’s not magic, its logic….

Firstly you need to understand that blog posts improve SEO, which in turn helps to drive traffic to your site. You can convey your message and lets you tell stories that convert visitors to customers and that will definitely increase chance of engagement. This is called Content Marketing.

Blogging is a way to ensure that your audiences and customers increase in size effectively, especially if you create content that people want to link to or would like to read about.

Blogging allows you create more pages for your site. More pages mean more internal links pointing to your homepage. It is to be noted that internal links are good but links from other sites are much better and effective.

Keeping a blog active is also a good way to generate traffic. Every page that you add shows the search engine that the blog is active as search engine tracks these changes. Your site is rewarded by ranking it higher on the search engine.

With blogging, you can create content that can demonstrate your expertise beyond assertion. Blogging will also allow you to position yourself as more trusted authority relative to your competitors.

Don’t worry about not being a great writer; your post can be as short as a tweet or product description. Even a one liner will do as long as it is attractive. You never know who is reading, and what they might get for you if your content is liked by them. Also, there is a possibility that you may get a sale after two years of the post. A post is likely to generate thousands of views over its lifetime and besides who will not like to generate sales on some post made a few years ago.

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