The Benefits of Using PHP With Laravel To Create Advanced Applications

Advanced web applications are not at all simple to develop because a lot of attention and intricacies are involved during the process. Developers are now using various frameworks to create some enchanting and effective web applications. The PHP framework is the best among all the options because it is well-organized and provides secure development. Over the past four years, Laravel application framework has gained immense popularity and it is one of the most popular and applauded PHP frameworks. The prime reason behind this unparalleled popularity is developers can easily use this framework to develop various web applications. You can also hire Laravel developer for your web project if you want to surpass your competitors.

By using the Laravel framework, a developer can create impeccable and advanced web applications. The benefits of the Laravel framework are unfathomable. Let’s discuss some prime benefits of Laravel.

  1. MVC architecture: This is the prime reason behind the rapid surge of Laravel. Laravel uses MVC (Model-view-controller) architecture which divides and handle specific development facets of an application that is constructed. Moreover, this method boosts performance and allows the developer to create clean and clear codes.
  2. Lightweight templates: Laravel templates include dynamic content seeding. By using these lightweight templates, now, developers can build many simple and efficient web applications. Laravel templates also come with a huge collection of widgets along with solid-structured CSS and JS codes.
  3. In-built tools: Like other frameworks, Laravel also possess multiple built-in tools which uplift and streamline all the basic jobs. Imperative functions like caching, authentication, directing, routing, and many more are built into this framework.
    1. Lean development services: This is the most intriguing feature of the Laravel framework. Lumen (a micro-framework) works on the same principles of Laravel but it gives more focus on lean development. With the help of this framework, you can create micro projects easily and quickly. Lumen has many in-built features and thus, it helps you to migrate to Laravel’ s full framework by simply copying the code.
    2. Artisan console: This plays an imperative role in the tremendous popularity of Laravel. Laravel welcomes its developers with a built-in tool named ‘Artisan console’. With the help of this tool, you can now avoid all the tedious and boring programming tasks which you used to perform manually earlier.
    3. Included authorisation libraries: Because of incorporated authorization libraries, Laravel offers many development settings and self-adjusts options. Moreover, Laravel comes with a unique feature called “autocomplete” feature. This feature is missing with other leading frameworks.
    4. Unit testing: The unit testing is a feature which guarantees that no new changes will create a problem by running numerous tests. Though you need to spend a lot of time in the development of the unit testing, still, it allows the application to work without any problem.
    5. Extendible and modular framework: you might be astonished to know that entire Laravel framework is built over 20 different libraries which you can further divide into separate modules. The Packagist directory helps you to add more than 5500 packages for an enhanced Laravel application development process. With this modular package system, you can build a highly responsive web application by investing minimal time and effort.
    6. Database migration: If you are using Laravel, you will never face data source duplication issue for every single adjustment. Since there is no duplication, a developer will logically not lose any type of data. Laravel has truly made data source migration action a faster, much simpler, and safeguard. Laravel uses an encryption formula in order to secure data source passwords and that’s why this is the best PHP framework.

    These are some benefits of using the Laravel framework. From the above points, it can be concluded that the future of Laravel is very bright and scintillating. That’s why developers are preferring this framework over the others. So, if you want to build an advanced and unassailable application with a tested framework, then Laravel would be the best option for you.

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