4 Ways Small Businesses can Optimize their Magento 2 Store after Launch

Launching a new online store is always a glorious moment for every company irrespective of its size. This is an arduous job because you need to choose the right platform along with experienced developers. That’s why many small businesses opt for Magento 2 in order to build their online stores because Magento has many advantages over other platforms. If you hire Magento developer India from a reputed company, you will surely able to build an eye-catching web store, still, there are many things that you should consider in enhancing your profit and success.

Here, we are mentioning some ways so that you can optimize your store for maximum results.

  1. Generate traffic with powerful content: This is one of the most effective strategies by which you can drive traffic to your online e-commerce site. This will also improve your rank in search results and will give you a much higher ROI.
  • Delete irrelevant content: Find out all old and poor blog content which are not relevant to your site and delete them. Because this may tarnish your SEO ranking if they got penalized by Google Panda.
  • Update your content frequently: Try to update your old content frequently to enhance your search ranking. If you have many short contents, then consolidate them and make a long content. This will certainly improve your search ranking because Google loves long content.
  • Check your link: If you make any changes to your pages, don’t forget to update all the connected links else they will show 404 error. Moreover, Google also discourages broken links, and this can spoil your ranking.
  • Incorporate share button: These days, social media is very powerful and if you can use it wisely, it will uplift your sales volume. Give your readers the option to share the valuable content with social share buttons. Also, integrate social extensions to your site so that your customers can directly login without wasting time in the registration process. This will improve your social media visibility.

2. Merchandise to uplift your average sales order: Magento Commerce gives you a simple-to-use rule-based product relations feature which will help you to cross-sell and upsell in order to maximize your order size. By using various visual merchandising tools, you can sort your product categories. These tools will also help you to display your best products at the top of your online site so that they can easily get noticed by your customers. If you want to reorder them, you can do it manually. With the help of visual merchandising tools, you can create categories based on Automated Rules (this can be created by using product attributes). This will save a chunk of time for you and you can create a catalogue which is based on your specific needs and preferences.

  1. Product reviews and ratings: These days, customers’ reviews play an imperative role in the success of every online business. Nowadays, most of the customers usually read online reviews before making any purchase decision. By using the user-generated content, you can drive a chunk of traffic to your site. It is also true that Product Reviews are inbuilt in Magento commerce, still, there are numerous Reviews and Rating extensions available in Magento commerce which will help your stores to earn customers’ trust from the valuable insights that you will get from their reviews.
  2. Use a reward programme to grow lifetime value of customers: Customer retention is one of the prime keys which will make your online business successful. With the help of Magneto commerce loyalty reward program extension, you can retain your customers and grow their lifetime value. You can also customize it as per your business needs and requirements. Reward your customers while they make any purchase, registration, social sharing, reviews, referrals and many more. Another way of Reward program is to introduce coupon like $x coupon for every $y spent. By implementing a referral code system, you can also grow your customer lifetime. By rewarding your customers, you can instigate their interest and are encouraging them to come back again and again to you. This will also boost your sales per customer, repeat sales frequency and will strengthen your relationship with your customers.

These are some ways by which you will optimize your Magento 2 store after its launch.

HorizonCore is a pre-eminent company which offers web and e-commerce development at an affordable price. You can hire Magento developer India from this company who will help you in building your online Magento 2 store. Once your store is built up, you can optimize it in enhancing your profit and sales volume.

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