3 Reasons that You should Invest in Magento Extensions in 2019

The e-commerce industry has noticed an unprecedented growth over the past few years due to the penetration of the internet and smartphones. Now, every successful e-commerce merchant not only tries to uplift the look of their online stores but also are trying to make them more functional so that they can get more customers and can stay ahead of the competition. Magento is certainly a great and one of the most appreciated e-commerce development platforms which not only makes your online store more beautiful, but it also comes with a chunk of features and functionalities.

Apart from the features, this platform embraces you with a plethora of free and paid extensions which will improve your store’s functionality. If you want to uplift your online presence, you should hire Magento developer India who will develop customize extensions for you to enhance your brand loyalty and outreach.

What is Magento extension and why it is necessary?

A Magento extension is basically a combination of functions which you can add into Magento to improve its functionality. Magento extensions will help you to create customized features and functions to every area of your online Magento store. And, in this way, you will get more traffic and loyal customers to your store.

Let’s take a deeper look at why you should invest in Magento extensions in 2019.

  1. You can easily streamline your inventory management: Inventory management plays an imperative role for those who deal with goods. So, if you are selling goods online, you should wisely manage your inventory. If you keep too much stock in your hand, then you will certainly block a good amount of money. On the other hand, if you have small stocks, then you may run out-of-stock when the demand is high. So, you need to manage your inventory strategically to enhance your profit and online presence. This is the case where a Magento extension can help you to combat the situation. Magento extensions will help you with the following:
  • Sales and purchase order management
  • Product inventory management
  • Multi-store support
  • Supplier Management
  • Push notifications for every inventory update
  1. You can improve your backend operations: To run a successful e-commerce business, the front-end of the store matters a lot. But it is also true that there are many aspects where the back-end of your store plays an important role. So, you should manage both your front-end and backend of your e-commerce store to run your e-commerce business in a hassle-free way. Because of backend operations, whatever is visible to the shopper on the store’s interface and all these operations should be well-optimized if you want to improve your e-commerce business. You can easily integrate some fruitful and useful extensions which will automate the process and will make them more efficient for your customers. You may find several Magento extensions which will help you in many ways like
  • Customer management
  • Sales report
  • Accounts
  • Customer review management
  • Push notifications for imperative actions
  • Multiple stores management
  • Sales report and business insights

  1. You can manage your delivery and improve customer relationship: An established e-commerce Magento store will get bulk orders throughout the year especially during the festivals or other peak-time. So, you need to deliver the products on time to keep your customers happy and contented. Else it will tarnish your brand’s image and reputation in the market. So, it becomes crucial for you to track and manage order without affecting your customers’ expectations. Though many e-commerce stores manage this manually, still, there may be several loopholes in the system. Here, comes Magento extensions which will help you to get rid of this problem. Magento extensions will help you in the below-mentioned ways.
  • Keep a track on your delivery products
  • Display delivery time and date
  • Will help you to create a date and time format

These are the top three reasons that you should invest in Magento extensions in 2019. There are some other reasons like

  1. You can reach more customers with the help of the extensions
  2. You can save your development cost.

If you are looking for a web development company who will help you to build customized Magento extensions, then you should get in touch with HorizonCore. HorizonCore has already established itself as a promising Magento development company. The company is flooded with many skilled and experienced Magento developers. So, you can hire Magento developer India from this company for your project. Just visit our website and get some more information about us and the services.

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