10 Reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework for 2019

The website development industry has made stupendous advancements in the last decade.A website of any niche now easily allows for more complex structure i.e. layout and creativity owing to plethora of features available in many platforms of PHP.
While most people would not blink an eye in choosing CodeIgniter and CakePhP as their preferred PHP platform, there are some compelling reasons to build your new website on Laravel in the year 2019.
In this post, we will outline 10 reasons which makes Laravel as the best PHP framework in the year 2019.

1. Introduction of Homestead: – With exclusive involvement from the father of Laravel i.e.Taylor Otwell, Homestead has now become the goto Virtual Machine for every PHP enthusiast. It is extremely reliable and rarely fails to boot. Due to large number of open ports by default, there is little to no hassle in setting up and maintaining database.

2. Install like a breeze: – Laravel Framework goes through very easy and quick installation procedure with just one extra feature added from the previous frameworks, which is setting up a SSH.

3. Perfect for B2B websites: – Most B2B websites are likely to undergo change in its UI/ UX with passage of time due to dynamic requirement of its targeted audiences. Laravel framework is perfect for such enterprise websites.Services of Laravel developer India can easily provide you with ideas for major overhaul in your Laravel website.

4. The support of MVC: – Model View controller allows for changing the template or the underlying code without affecting the other. This allows for easy maintenance of the code.

5. Security: – Every website places paramount importance on the security and Laravel’s CSRF tokens provide tons of it as it does not allow an invader to change the request from POST to GET.

6. Bigger Community: – With the adoption of Laravel Framework, finding support for Laravel related queries has become easier than ever. There is also no dearth of skillful Laravel developer India who provides almost immediate responses for Laravel related queries in the reputed forum communities.

7. Out of the box: – With tools like Eyewitness, Laravel Cheat Sheet, ConsoleTV’s Charts and more, one can easily satiate the curiosity of junkies for keeping an eye on the working of all the codes. You can even hire Laravel developer who will provide you with additional out of the box tools for your website.

8. Core Extensions: – Using IOC container is a quick way of removing the class dependencies. With the help of IOC, one can test the app with the help of mocks.

9. Eloquent ORM: – If anyone likes a really simplistic method of querying the data, then the Eloquent ORM of Laravel deserves appreciation. With minimal learning of syntaxes, one can easily acquire data from highly complex query.

10. Impressive Templates: – There is an absolute ease in creating impressive layouts in Laravel Framework. They are highly intuitive and works extremely well with the PHP/ HTML.


There we have it. As you can see, the above reasons are just the tip of the iceberg of choosing Laravel over other PHP framework. And in the foreseeable future of 2019, we are likely to witness many more intuitive features from the Laravel Community. If you would like to receive more updates on the features on Laravel, then you can simply drop down your query on our website at horizoncore.com. We are one of the leading Laravel Developers in India with a strong expertise in creating enterprise and B2B websites.

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